theft protection
theft protection

GPS tracking protects against theft


GPS tracker from geoCapture work worldwide. No matter where the thieves take your vehicle, with geoCapture the thieves are quickly caught.

Theft in Germany increases

Car theft is a major problem. Every year, 20,000 cars are stolen in Germany. Annoying, because often tools and personal valuables also disappear. Often the anger is large and the police can't do much., since most vehicles are brought immediately abroad.

Especially with construction or agricultural machinery, it is hardly possible to find stolen equipment. Insurance for such vehicles is considerably more expensive if theft is to be covered. In some particularly affected areas of the republic, insurance companies even refuse to insure construction machinery or agricultural machinery against theft.

Protect your vehicle with GPS tracking

GeoCapture equips your vehicle as well as your construction machine or agricultural machine with GPS tracker. These tracker are equipped with SIM cards and transmit the current vehicle position in real time to the geoCapture servers. This also works abroad. The GPS tracker are installed hidden in the vehicle, so that any thieves cannot find the device immediately.

In the event of theft, you can easily locate your vehicle via the geoCapture Internet portal. Our software shows you the position on the map, but also the GPS coordinates, which you then transmit to the police.

After a theft, the vehicle can be shut down remotely via the built-in GPS tracker and our Internet portal. As long as this GPS immobiliser is active, the car thieves can no longer start the stolen vehicle.

If you have taken out a separate theft insurance policy for your agricultural or construction machinery, you can cancel it immediately.

In the past GeoCapture could contribute to the clarification of numerous thefts.

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • Theft protection via GPS tracking
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Also works abroad
  • Vehicle position can also be called up via smartphone
  • Alarm via SMS possible
  • Remote shutdown by mouse click

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