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When it comes to container management, many businesses face multiple challenges: How many containers are currently in use? When do they need to be emptied or replaced? And how do I efficiently plan routes for exchange and emptying? All of these questions can be answered with geoCapture. We'll show you how it's done.

For which types of containers is digital management advisable?

Skip container

 Skip container

Roll-off container

Roll-off container

Tipper container

Tipper container

Glass container

Glass container

Clothing container

Clothing container

How does the container go digital?

Step 1: Label containers with QR codes


With geoCapture, you label each container with a unique QR code. The QR code becomes the key to digital container management: Customers can scan the QR code without the need for an app and request emptying or exchanging the container with just one click.

Step 2: Digital customer inquiries


Whether it's through a QR code, phone, or email, all customer inquiries are centralized in geoCapture. This allows you to see all open requests at a glance and efficiently organize and schedule them.

Step 3: Optimal routes for emptying and replacement

Routes for emptying and replacing containers can often be a logistical puzzle. With geoCapture, you bring order to your container management.

With geoCapture, you can quickly calculate your standard routes and use them as a basis for scheduling. Short-term container orders can easily be added to a route. The system takes into account vehicle type, products, routes, times, and qualifications. Current fill levels help avoid unnecessary stops and calculate emptying dates proactively. The fill level calculation is based on customer feedback, sensors, or AI-based calculation.

This means more efficiency and fewer empty runs. At the same time, you remain highly flexible: GeoCapture determines the appropriate vehicle and the optimal route for each container request.

Step 4: Data analysis


With geoCapture, you utilize the data collected from container management to continuously optimize your processes. Analyze fill levels and emptying routes to make ongoing adjustments to operations. Additionally, geoCapture provides optimized data regarding container sizes, fill quantities, locations, and cycles based on empirical data.

Your Benefits with geoCapture Container Management

QR code

For a unique identification of each
individual container (Scanning without an app)

Customer communication

Request container emptying or exchange without app download


Container locations

via What3Words coordinates when postal addresses are insufficient



100% Cloud

All container information accessible centrally from anywhere

Optimal routes

for container emptying, standard routes, and immediate orders

Container fill level

In real-time through sensors, QR code, or AI calculation

Driver App

Direct communication with drivers, order management for field teams


Use collected data for optimization


quick and intuitive to use


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