GPS-Ortung für Installateure



In order to schedule mobile employees quickly and effectively, it is important to know where the respective colleague is and who has the shortest route to the next job. GPS tracking by geoCapture shows the current location of your service vehicles in real time. So you can quickly send the next employee to the job site.

Where is the next colleague?

It is extremely important to react quickly to customer orders. However, there is often no overview of where exactly the employees are currently working. This leads to longer journeys, poorer productivity, time delays and thus to dissatisfied customers.

During the transmission of work orders to mobile workers, transmission errors often occur. Incorrect addresses, incorrect telephone numbers or contact persons not only cause resentment among customers, but also among colleagues on site.

With GPS positioning, you always know what's going on and even rush orders and emergencies can be handled quickly. 

GPS-tracking provides an overview

GPS tracker transmit the current position of the service vehicles in real time to the geoCapture servers. These positions are displayed to the disposition via the web browser. Thus it is always known where the mobile forces are deployed.

With new customer orders, the next employee can be found at the click of a mouse. This avoids unnecessary journeys. This saves time and money.

New orders can be sent directly to the optional navigation device in the vehicle. Transmission errors are a thing of the past. No more procedures and no more wrong addresses.

The saved routes allow the reconstruction of incorrect or lost work documents. Operating times can also be substantiated. 

Mobile time tracking for installers

Time sheets become superfluous with geoCapture. With the mobile time tracking via GPS tracker, the employees stamp the working times directly in the vehicle. The GPS tracker transmits the stamp data (address, employee, time, vehicle) via the mobile network to geoCapture. With the geoCapture App, employees can also stamp times on their smartphones. Mixed operation is possible without any problems. 

Since geoCapture knows where your construction sites are, the correct construction site is assigned immediately. Thus, project-related stamping is possible, as well as the recording of break times or automatic break and travel time deduction. You then receive the working times as a complete evaluation as a PDF or CSV file.

Your advantages with GPS-tracking:

  • GPS-tracking in realtime
  • Automatically logging of
    • driving hours
    • operating times
  • exact and fair billing 
  • orders directly to the navigation device in the vehicle
  • find the next employee
  • effective disposition
  • planning of vehicle maintenance

geoCapture for mobile applications - we are looking forward to your request!