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accessory equipment

LOCATION FOR accessory equipment


Not every device or object can be equipped with a GPS transmitter. Nevertheless, these objects and tools must be located. Whether attachments for forklift trucks, wheel loaders, tractors or other machines, it is important to keep track. 

Where is the loading hook for the forklift located? Is the right excavator bucket on its way to the construction site?

Do not lose sight of your accessory equipment

BLE beacons are small radio tracker that regularly send signals into their environment. These signals are received by GPS tracker in vehicles, smartphones and gateways. The data is then captured and evaluated in the geoCapture portal. In addition, the BLE beacons are inexpensive to purchase, waterproof, dirt-resistant and shockproof. Ideal conditions for use in harsh environments.

Further information on Beacon technology.

Thanks to the combination of beacons and the GPS tracking of geoCapture, you always know which construction equipment is currently on which construction site, which transport routes have been covered and can check the correct loading.

Easily communicate and find locations 

The locations of the beacons can be queried both as GPS coordinates and via What3words. Locations can be specified with 3 words to an accuracy of 3x3m using this technique. A simple and precise way to communicate and find locations. Especially on construction sites What3words is an enormous help! 

Theft protection thanks to Crowd GPS

In case of theft or loss, you have to report this to the geoCapture portal. Thanks to Crowd GPS, even objects that are no longer within reach of your devices can be found. All vehicles and smartphones of the numerous geoCapture customers help with the search. If the device appears near one of the Bluetooth receivers, you will be informed immediately by SMS, WhatsApp message or phone call.

Find out more about Crowd GPS here

Are your already using Caterpillar beacons?

Some machine manufacturers like Caterpillar also use BLE beacons (Caterpillar: PL161) to locate attachments. geoCapture supports Caterpillar's beacon technology as well as that of many other manufacturers. Most systems are not compatible with each other. With geoCapture, however, all data is captured and evaluated in one software package. 

Further information on the manufacturers can be found here. 


Advantages of Beacon Technology

  • anti-theft protection
  • Location & Organization 
  • Precise data 
  • Crowd GPS
  • Robust technology
  • Long life 
  • Low power consumption
  • What3words

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