Lenkzeitenüberwachung per Tachograph und GPS mit geoCapture



Since the introduction of the digital tachograph, compliance with legal driving times has been an important issue for companies. Even the smallest infringements are stored for months on the driver cards and can still be punished for a long time. It is particularly important to keep a ceye on driving times. GPS positioning by geoCapture determines driving and rest times and calculates the remaining driving time.

Movement data from the GPS transmitter

If neither the FMS bus nor the tachograph can be connected, the driving time can also be calculated using the movement data from the GPS transmitter and the ignition signal.

Live driving times per mouse click

GeoCapture provides the driving times live, directly from the truck. The calculations take the legal regulations into account and show in detail whether all breaks have been observed.

The system calculates the remaining driving time and displays it graphically. The dispatcher can immediately see how long a driver may still drive and when the next break is due.

Driver's letter for driving time violations

The legal regulations for driving times are automatically compared with the data from the GPS tracker. Each driving time violation is automatically detected and stored. In a list of violations, you can easily filter by vehicle, date, driver and type of violation. A driver's letter can be automatically generated for each violation with a single click. You can print the driver's letter and give it to your driver for information and signature. 

GPS Driving Time Monitoring Techniques

GPS tracking by geoCapture offers different possibilities to determine the driving times of a truck. Depending on the year of construction and technical requirements, you can choose one of the following methods:


Ideally an FMS bus is available in the truck. FMS (Fleet Management System) is a standard for the transmission of telemetry data in trucks. This data is made available via CAN bus and transmitted to the geoCapture portal via the FM63 GPS tracker.

The FMS data contains the data of the tachograph such as driver card or status. With these data geoCapture calculates the driving times and rest periods and shows the dispatcher the remaining driving time.

Digital Tachograph

As an alternative to the FMS bus, tacho data can also be transferred directly from the tachograph. The connection of the GPS tracker to the tachograph also enables the automatic transmission of tacho data and driver card data.

Features of driving time monitoring by GPS tracker

  • Live monitoring of driving times and rest periods 
  • Readiness, breaks and working hours
  • Display of remaining driving time
  • Fleet overview or single display
  • Double-week analysis and infringement report
  • For driver and passenger

Keep the overview - with the driving time monitoring from geoCapture!