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construction machines



Construction machines are exposed to the harshest weather and working conditions every day. Therefore you should use the FMB204 for GPS positioning in this area. The device offers IP67 protection and is therefore protected against the effects of the weather. The FMB204 also has an internal rechargeable battery, which continues to transmit even after the power supply has been disconnected. Thus the FMB204 also offers an ideal theft protection.

The FMB204 can also be used for driver recognition and mobile time recording, since RFID or iButton keys can also be read via 1-wire. Since the FMB204 has a powerful internal battery, it can also be used for devices that do not have a permanent power supply.

Advantages with GPS tracking from geoCapture:

  • driver recognition
  • mobile time tracking 
  • precise GPS tracking in real time
  • robust and weather-protected technology 
  • powerful
  • internal battery 
  • anti-theft protection
  • simple operation
  • data transmission even without power supply
  • is used for planning and controlling
  • proofs to customers
  • many evaluation options


Many manufacturers of construction machinery equip their devices ex works with GPS or telematics tracker. These devices are often able to transmit versatile data from the machine. The manufacturers also offer systems for preventive maintenance. 

The manufacturers have agreed on the ISO 15143-3 interface so that the construction machines do not have to be equipped with additional GPS tracker. ISO 15143-3 offers a web service that allows geoCapture to directly access and import the manufacturers' tracking and telematics data. 

Therefore, when purchasing your new construction machine, ask for this service and for the costs so that you can use the manufacturer's data directly in geoCapture.

ISO 15143-3 supports the following data:

  • Identification of the machine
  • Last known position 
  • Cumulated operating hours 
  • Cumulated fuel consumption 
  • Fuel consumption 24h 
  • Distance accumulated 
  • Accumulated idle time 
  • Motor on/off 
  • External connection (digital inputs on/off)
  • Cumulated auxiliary drive hours 
  • Average daily load factor 
  • Maximum speed of the last 24h 
  • Accumulated charge counter 
  • handling performance 
  • Regeneration time Diesel particulate filter 
  • error code transmission 
  • Indication of warning lights in instrument cluster 
  • Display remaining AdBlue quantity 
  • Accumulated idle time (absolute standstill) 

By each machine and manufacturer may vary the transmitted data. Ask your manufacturer which data will be transferred.

GPS tracking for use on construction sites - we look forward to your inquiry!