GPS-Ortung hilft bei der Disposition, Arbeitszeiterfassung und Protokollierung von Einsätzen



Municipalities have a variety of tasks that require the use of numerous mobile employees and vehicles. With tight budgets, it is important that these tasks are carried out as effectively as possible. GPS tracking helps with scheduling, time tracking and logging of operations.

Versatile tasks and complex planning

A municipality operates a large number of different vehicles for very different tasks. Road sweepers, refuse collection, cleaning vehicles, snow clearing equipment, tractors, cars, trucks, to name just a few.

At the same time, the public authorities must ensure that all the necessary tasks have been carried out accordingly. Are all roads scattered? Have the litter bins in the park been emptied? Are the schoolyards or public parks clean? Planning and recording these many tasks is a very complex task.

A municipal vehicle fleet needs to be maintained on time. The more complex the fleet, the more versatile the maintenance tasks. You quickly lose the overview.

Very often the public administration uses so-called pool vehicles, for which complex logbooks have to be kept.

GPS tracking helps do the job

GPS tracker in the vehicles and implements transmit the current position in real time to the geoCapture servers. This not only gives the dispatcher a constant overview of his fleet, but also makes it possible to trace all locations even weeks later.

The automatic logging of the operations makes it possible to document every operation in response to requests from citizens.

The workshop module of geoCapture is used to conveniently manage and plan maintenance schedules. Seasonal performance fluctuations are also taken into account. This makes it possible to considerably optimize the operational readiness and capacity utilization of expensive vehicles.

The logbook function with driver identification makes it super easy to keep a logbook for pool vehicles. Each employee receives his or her own key with which he or she logs on to the vehicle before starting the journey. The rest is done by geoCapture.

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Automatic logging of
    • travel times
    • operating times
    • places of action
  • Automatic logbooks
  • Sending orders directly to the navigation device
  • Finding the next employee
  • Effective disposition
  • Planning of vehicle maintenance

geoCapture for municipal tasks - we are looking forward to your request!