geocapture AS WATCH GUARD

Th alarm function in geoCapture can send you messages whenever a special event occurs. I case of an emergency you won't miss a thing and you will always have an overview.

The system sends e-mails, SMS, WhatsApp or voicemail messages to individual users, user groups or alarm chains.

When using alert chains or alert levels, the recipient of an alert must acknowledge receipt. If this does not happen within a time limit, the next recipient is notified.

Alarms can also be triggered by GPS location depending on the location. In case of malfunctions, the responsible site manager is informed. Alarms are particularly frequently used to monitor pumps on construction sites. 

For machine rental companies, alarm chains can be set up for each rental transaction.

Immediate theft detection with GPS tracking

In March, an excavator of customer was stolen at 3:05 in the morning. Thanks to our technology, the 90,000 € machine was seized by the police the next day in Slovakia. The excavator already stood with price tag at a used machine dealer...

The theft could be noticed directly by the alarming, and a a fast clarification was possible. Thanks to geoCapture, at least 10 thefts per year are cleared up and the vehicles and machines are seized without an insured event occurring. You too can rely on the proven theft protection provided by GPS tracking. 

The following events can be reported:

  • unauthorised journeys
  • weekend use
  • Standstill too long
  • emergencies
  • theft
  • Visiting an address
  • Leaving an address
  • Failure of water pumps
  • speeding
  • Voltage drop (vehicle battery)
  • Malfunction GPS tracker

Filters can be comfortably defined: Vehicle or vehicle group, time, duration, period, weekdays, addresses or address groups, transmission interval, etc