GPS Tracking for trucks
GPS Tracking for Trucks



Since 2006, there has been a legal obligation to install a digital tachograph in trucks and to read out
the data regularly. With the geoCapture truck tracking system, the data is transmitted fully
automatically. So you don't have to worry about anything. To read out the digital tachograph
remotely via geoCapture, the truck tracker is connected to the tachograph via a cable.

geoCapture ensures that the data from the tachograph and driver card are transmitted on time and archived in accordance with legal requirements.


Since the digital tachograph became compulsory, compliance with the legal driving times has also been subject to stricter controls. Even the smallest infringements are punished and remain stored on the driver card for several months. That's why you should trust in geoCapture, because the GPS transmitter in the truck allows you to trace and calculate driving and rest times perfectly. This way you are always informed when your driver has to take the next break. Driving times can be reliably planned via route planning. You avoid driving time violations and unnecessary penalties.

Working times from the tachometer

With geoCapture, you can use driving, loading and rest times to record working hours. Without any effort. As usual, the tachograph is operated by the driver. geoCapture automatically stamps the working times and breaks in the background. Time recording has never been so easy!

Send FMS CAN bus data to geoCapture automatically

With the FMS standard, the leading truck manufacturers have agreed on a uniform interface for the transmission of telemetry data to tracking systems.

This FMS data can be read out automatically with the help of truck location:

  • speed
  • diesel consumption
  • tank capacity
  • Driver card and tachograph
  • Mileage/operating hours
  • Temperature motor/environment
  • more FMS files

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