container management
container management

Software for containers


Containers, trash bins, or portable toilets: There is a wide variety of containers in all shapes and sizes. But how full is the container at the moment, when does it need to be replaced or emptied? And how do I create an optimal route for emptying, replacement, or maintenance? With geoCapture container management, you'll know.

Functions of container management

QR code

For unique identification of each
individual container (Scan without app)

Customer communication

Request container emptying or
replacement without app download

Simple for citizens

Scan QR code and submit
request without registration

Route planning

Optimal routes for container emptying,
standard routes, and on-demand orders

Fill level

Automatic fill level notifications
via sensors, QR code, or AI calculation

100 % Cloud

All information about the
containers in one central location

Driver app

Real-time communication and
task management for field teams


Analysis of data and report generation


easy to understand and intuitively usable


  • What types of containers can I manage with geoCapture?
    • Public trash bins, public containers,
    • dog waste bag stations
    • Roll-off containers, skip containers, tipper containers
    • Used clothing containers, glass recycling containers, paper recycling containers
    • Animal carcass boxes, animal carcass bins
    • Portable toilets
    • Containers and receptacles of all types and sizes.

    geoCapture adapts to every industry and any type of container thanks to its wide range of settings.

  • What is the cost of geoCapture's container management?

    The cost of geoCapture's container management can vary depending on the specific requirements for your business. Feel free to contact our sales team! We are always happy to provide you with a non-binding quote.

  • Can I integrate geoCapture into my existing systems?

    geoCapture offers numerous interfaces and REST APIs. These allow for a seamless integration into your existing system landscape. We are happy to assist you with the integration.

  • Does geoCapture offer training or support for container management?

    Thanks to numerous settings, container management offers the possibility to tailor itself perfectly to your needs. Therefore, we recommend that our team assists you in the system's implementation, ensuring you can start as quickly and smoothly as possible. We also provide training for you and your employees.

    For any further questions, our support team is, of course, happy to assist you at any time - without the need to wait in a queue.

  • Ist die digitale Behälterverwaltung datenschutzkonform und sind meine Daten sicher?

    At geoCapture, data protection is a top priority. We employ strict security measures to ensure the protection of your data. Our servers are located in highly secure data centers.