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Have the park's trash bins been emptied? Or is it not yet necessary? What about the containers at the recycling center? And how do you manage refilling the dog waste bag stations? These are questions that municipalities deal with daily. The answer is digitization. We'll show you how, as a municipality, you can navigate the path to digital waste management in 4 steps.

Applications of Digital Container Management

Public trash bins

Public containers

[Translate to English:] Müllcontainter

Dog waste ­bag stations


Any type of container

[Translate to English:] Streugutbehälter


Labeling waste containers with unique QR codes enables the clear identification of each individual container. These QR codes act as keys for the digital capture and management of container information. Citizens can scan the QR code on the container and, without the need for downloading an app, request emptying, replacement, or refilling of the container.


Incoming citizen requests, such as container emptying or replacement, are centrally recorded and processed in geoCapture's container management. This allows the requests to be efficiently collected and organized.


You have access to the real-time fill level of each container, which can be determined through sensors, citizen feedback, or AI-based data analytics. geoCapture's route planning ensures efficient organization of routes for emptying, replacement, refilling, or repair. It takes into account container fill levels and locations, reducing unnecessary trips and conserving resources. Standard routes can be planned and adjusted flexibly with on-demand orders.


Harness the data collected through digital container management to continuously refine your processes. Analyze fill levels, emptying routes, and requests to pinpoint efficiency potential. With these insights, you can adjust your operations, eliminate bottlenecks, and achieve sustainable enhancements in municipal services.

Furthermore, geoCapture provides the metrics needed to optimize container sizes, fill volumes, locations, and cycles based on data-driven insights.

Your Benefits with geoCapture Container Management

QR Code

For the unique identification of each
individual container (Scanning without an app)

Citizen Engagement

Request container emptying or replacement
without the need to download an app.

Easy for Citizens

Scan the QR code and send a
request without signing up.

Route Planning

Optimal routes for container emptying,
standard tours, and on-demand orders

Fill Level

Automatic fill level notifications via
sensors, QR codes, or AI calculation

100 % Cloud

All information about the
containers in one central location

Driver App

Real-time communication and task
management for field teams


Data analysis and report generation


easy to understand and intuitively usable

5 Facts on why you should drive digitalization with geoCapture.

  • Fact 1: You counteract the skilled labor shortage.

    geoCapture's container management addresses the skilled labor shortage by making waste processes more efficient. By monitoring the fill levels of waste containers, emptying processes are optimized, and collection routes can be planned more precisely. The software's intuitive user interface allows for easy integration into the daily work of employees, minimizing training times. This contributes to effectively utilizing existing skilled workers and optimizing waste management in the municipality.

  • Fact 2: You ensure efficient resource utilization.

    With geoCapture's container management, municipalities can utilize their resources more efficiently. Monitoring the fill level enables precise planning of collection routes, eliminating unnecessary trips. This not only benefits the environment but also reduces costs. This smart resource planning helps municipalities operate more economically and sustainably.

  • Fact 3: You make communication transparent for citizens.

    The container management by geoCapture contributes to transparent communication between the municipal administration and the citizens. Citizens can scan the QR code on the container, allowing them to request an emptying or container exchange without the need for an app download. Reporting the discovery of a container is also possible. This straightforward communication with the municipality builds trust and enhances citizen satisfaction.

  • Fact 4: You save time and costs through automation.

    The automation of waste processes using container management leads to significant time and cost savings. Manual monitoring and planning are a thing of the past. The software displays the current fill levels of the containers and generates optimal route suggestions. This allows for faster and more efficient waste disposal. The saved time and reduced operating costs can be invested in other important projects.



  • Fact 5: You make data-driven decisions.

    geoCapture provides extensive data on waste management, serving as a foundation for informed decision-making. By analyzing this data, municipalities can identify trends, optimize emptying processes, and develop long-term strategies. These data-driven insights help municipalities continuously enhance their waste management and implement sustainable measures.

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