Ein Mann bearbeitet unterlagen und rechnet mit einem Taschenrechner. Besser fakturieren mit GPS-Ortung von geoCapture



GPS positioning by geoCapture is not only very powerful, but also extremely inexpensive. There are no contract periods with us. You decide for yourself and always keep costs under control.

GeoCapture offers a price model that makes GPS positioning affordable even for small businesses. We offer unique advantages that not only pay for your investment quickly, but also protect it for the future.

Caution with dumping prices and long surcharge lists

  • We only use open GPS tracker that are freely available on the market and whose protocols are freely accessible. So you can also operate our GPS tracker with other systems and sell them later if necessary. Other providers often sell devices that are worthless without their software.
  • With us there are no contract terms. Other providers bind customers with long contracts. If, for example, you should ever deregister a vehicle, you also pay these providers for vehicles that you do not use.
  • We are partners of Telekom. So you are using the best network in Germany and also abroad you are perfectly supplied.
  • We develop the software ourselves. This allows us to respond optimally to your wishes or make individual adjustments. Other providers merely license or are so large that you cannot exert any influence.
  • We store your data for as long as you wish. Other providers delete the data too early or demand a lot of money for longer storage.
  • GPS tracking makes little sense without long enough storage.
  • With us there is a simple price model and no hidden follow-up costs.

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