Fahrererkennung per RFID Chip wird vorgestellt
driver identification



In many companies, drivers change vehicles, e.g. for holiday replacements. Then it is not always known who is driving the vehicle. If you want to send the driver a message for the next assignment, this is often not possible because the phone number is not known.

GeoCapture uses iButton or RFID driver keys with which the employees have to log in to the vehicle before starting the journey. Our RFID driving licence stickers can also be used for this purpose. Optionally, an immobiliser can also be activated so that nobody forgets this registration or to prevent unauthorised use of the vehicles.

Since geoCapture knows which employee is driving the vehicle, the SMS function can be used to send an SMS to the employee. This saves a lot of time and avoids errors when sending messages.

GeoCapture has developed special modules for fast installation in the vehicle. Thus the devices are installed substantially faster and assembly errors are prevented.

A digital logbook for pool vehicles can also be kept via driver recognition. The annoying paperwork before and after the trip is no longer necessary. These logbooks are also valid at the tax office or the road traffic office. 

Driver identification via FMS CAN bus or tachograph

If your truck is equipped with an FMS CAN bus, the driver can be determined via the driver card in the tachograph.

Our solution for the remote download of the tachograph data also transmits the driver card of the tachograph.

Both the FMS CAN-Bus and the Remote Tacho-Download enable the calculation of driving times and rest periods.


  • RFID driver key 125 KHz
  • RFID driver key 13.56 MHz
  • iButton driver key
  • driving licence sticker
  • Truck driver card via FMS CAN-Bus
  • Truck driver card via tachograph 

Advantages of driver identification

  • Knowledge of who drove when
  • driver database
  • Message dispatch by stored number
  • Driver-related evaluations
  • incl. driving licence control possible
  • quick mounting
  • Logbook function
  • Additional function for speedometer download
  • Driving and rest periods
  • all the advantages of GPS tracking

Mobile time tracking, immobiliser, theft protection, etc. - geoCapture's driver recognition offers you a wide range of functions!