Digital Winter Service
Digital Winter Service

Digital Winter Service with geoCapture

Plan, Execute, Document Stress-Free

The planning and execution of services in winter maintenance pose a significant logistical challenge. The particularity here is that planning must take place well before winter, and the execution occurs much later under significant time pressure. Due to not precisely predictable weather conditions, there is a need for a lot of room for improvisation.



geoCapture provides all the tools needed for planning, execution, and documentation in winter maintenance. The software is field-tested, and our team has a lot of experience that helps our customers manage winter maintenance more efficiently and stress-free.

Your benefits in winter services with geoCapture

Comprehensive Solution: geoCapture provides comprehensive tools that cover every phase of your winter services – from planning to documentation. Optimize your entire process with just one solution.

Key Management: Forget about the key chaos! With geoCapture, you can connect digital key cabinets and store the necessary keys. This way, your teams always have access to the property.

Map Integration: Take advantage of the miamapo map editor to identify your areas and create plans for your activities. The integration into our software provides clear overviews of the areas to be processed.

Customization: Each winter service operation is unique due to weather conditions. Our software allows you to create tour plans that adapt to weather conditions and allow for improvisation.

Communication: Coordinate your teams effortlessly with our mobile app. Exchange information and ensure that all teams collaborate optimally.

Documentation and Proof: GPS tracking and digital forms provide precise documentation of work. Substantiate completed tasks with secure data. Protect your company from legal conflicts.

Simple Billing: geoCapture provides all necessary data to invoice the services provided. There are numerous interfaces to industry solutions.

Efficiency and Cost Control: Thanks to precise planning and transparent data, you can optimize resources. Our statistics provide insights for accurate calculations and quotes.

Winter Service, How It Works: Plan, Execute, Invoice


Planning is the starting point for a successful winter service. With geoCapture, you can create efficient route plans before the season begins, tailored to the individual requirements of your customers. Our software allows you to respond precisely to snowfall, icy conditions, and frost. Prioritize important facilities such as hospitals and schools.


Thanks to geoCapture, you can carry out your winter service operations effectively. Our optimal route planning ensures that your teams take the fastest and most efficient routes. Communication through our mobile app allows teams to exchange information and implement last-minute changes efficiently. With miamapo maps, your teams know what needs to be done on-site.


Comprehensive documentation is essential in winter services. Our GPS tracking systems accurately capture every operation location, and digital clearance and spreading logs enable easy and precise documentation of completed work. Support your services with photos, signatures, and digital forms. Protect yourself from legal conflicts.


geoCapture offers numerous interfaces to various industry solutions, allowing for seamless and automated invoicing of your services.

Benefits of digital winter services

  • Efficient Planning
    Efficient Planning

    Thanks to the digital winter service software, dispatchers can plan routes quickly and accurately. The software allows for flexible adjustments to operations based on current conditions.

  • Real-time Monitoring
    Real-time Monitoring

    Dispatchers have real-time insight into ongoing operations and the location of vehicles. This allows them to coordinate the deployment teams, make adjustments, and respond to unforeseen events.

  • Prioritization and Object Management
    Prioritization and Object Management

    Dispatchers can group objects by priority and consider specific requirements. This facilitates the assignment of teams and the smooth processing of critical locations.

  • Transparent Communication
    Transparent Communication

    The software enables clear communication between dispatchers and drivers. Changes, instructions, and information can be communicated in real-time, improving collaboration.

  • Optimized Routes
    Optimized Routes

    Drivers receive optimized route plans tailored to current traffic and weather conditions. This saves time, fuel, and ensures faster task completion.

  • Easy Navigation
    Easy Navigation

    The digital winter service software provides user-friendly navigation, guiding drivers precisely to the deployment locations. This minimizes wrong turns and increases efficiency.

  • Deployment orders
    Deployment orders

    Drivers have access to detailed deployment orders. This keeps them well-informed and allows them to adapt their actions optimally to the respective conditions.

  • Easy Documentation
    Easy Documentation

    The software enables easy and accurate documentation of the performed work. Location, photos, and completed tasks can be recorded directly, simplifying the workflow.

  • Safety and Reliability
    Safety and Reliability

    Customers benefit from a reliable winter service that is efficiently carried out thanks to digital planning and real-time monitoring. Road safety is the top priority.

  • Transparent Information
    Transparent Information

    Customers can receive up-to-date information about completed operations on request. Thanks to digital documentation and GPS tracking, there are clear records of services provided.

  • Efficient Resource Utilization
    Efficient Resource Utilization

    Thanks to optimized routes and planning, resources are used more efficiently. Customers benefit from competitive prices and a responsible use of resources.

  • Communication

    The digital solution enables transparent communication between winter service and customers. Customers can be better informed and contact the service provider directly with questions or concerns.


Choose geoCapture as your partner for winter service and optimize your processes. Contact us today for a personal consultation and live demo. Together, we ensure that your winter maintenance is as successful as possible!


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