GPS-Ortung für den Winterdienst von geoCapture
winter service



Automatic documentation

Winter road clearance services need a high logistical demands in particular. Especially the time pressure is high in winter weather. Above all, it is important that the operations are carefully planned and fully documented. This is where the GPS positioning system from geoCapture comes into its own. GeoCapture makes winter maintenance faster, better and seamless.

Planning winter services carefully

With road-based route planning, the use of spreaders and clearing vehicles is carefully and conveniently planned. The constantly updated map data are used to determine the clearing and spreading kilometres. In this way, operating times and quantities of spreading material can be precisely calculated.

A good and careful planning is the basis for a smooth, exact and fast execution.

Error-free and reliable execution

The planned tours are important for the later implementation of the winter road clearance service. Navigation devices control the vehicles in such a way that no road can be forgotten. This ensures that the quality of your service is always at the highest level. An important argument to your clients.

GPS tracker in the vehicles transmit the performance data from the vehicle in real time. So you are always up to date.

Seamless verification thanks to GPS tracking

The documentation of the operations is enormously important, especially in winter maintenance. GPS tracking devices in the vehicles record exactly where the spreading and clearing took place. The determined data serve you to check the operating times and your customers as proof of your services.

Especially in winter road clearance, people who have fallen in black ice repeatedly file claims for damages. With the GPS protocols of geoCapture you receive reports and proofs, which are also valid before courts. All data is stored long-term and can be retrieved even years later.

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Numerous evaluations / tour controlling
    • Which roads were cleared/spread?
    • Road-related spreading and clearing kilometres
    • Statistical key performance indicators
    • Driver-related evaluations
    • Deviation from the spreading plan
    • Graphical preparation as road map
  • Create spreading plans online
  • Send spreading plans directly to the navigation device
  • Planning of vehicle maintenance
  • Remote download of speedometer and driver card

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