Werkstatttermine mit geoCapture verwalten
fleet management

DIGITAL fleet management


Fleet management should have a high priority even in small companies. After all, a vehicle fleet causes considerable costs and a functioning vehicle fleet is the basis for successful business in many companies. Digital fleet management helps to reduce costs and avoid breakdowns. With the fleet management of geoCapture you create the basis for smooth and efficient business processes.

Simple vehicle management

With geoCapture you can easily manage your fleet in manageable programs. Fast search functions and simple operation make your work considerably easier and ensure quick acceptance within your company.

Authorizations for users

There is a convenient authorization control, so everyone sees only  the data they are allowed to see. This allows you to define which user or which user group may view, change or evaluate data.

workshop appointments

geoCapture calculates due workshop appointments in advance via mileage or calendar control. Tyre changes, inspections and all other necessary work can be planned well in advance. Better maintenance means higher availability.

Statistics on mileage

With various evaluations and diagrams you are always up to date regarding the performance of your fleet. Mileage, operating hours - even of auxiliary drives - can be called up at the touch of a button.


Today, logbooks are kept for various reasons:

  • for the tax office (1% regulation)
  • for pool vehicles
  • for road traffic office (after traffic offences)

With geoCapture you can keep these logbooks easily. The routes or destinations are automatically determined via the GPS tracker. Drivers can be identified by simple identification of the driver using an RFID key before the journey begins.

Always the current location

You always know the current location of the vehicle via the built-in GPS tracker. You can track routes and stops even after months.

Detect detours, increase efficiency

geoCapture compares driven routes with the optimal routes. So you can quickly identify unnecessary detours and react accordingly. Save time and unnecessary costs.

Download and archive tacho data

Since its introduction, the digital tachograph has provided a lot of work. The tachograph data must be read and archived regularly. geoCapture takes care of the annoying work for you. The GPS tracker in the vehicle automatically reads and archives the data - always on time, as required by law.

Alerting and theft protection

geoCapture offers a variety of alarms. Exiting geo-zones, start/stop, ignition on/off etc. The system alerts in such cases via SMS, email or WhatsApp. So you can react immediately and promptly.

Vehicle photos and documents

Save photos and documents about your vehicles. You can manage vehicle registration documents centrally and always have access to them. Above all, the vehicle registration document is always needed by the workshop to determine important data about the vehicle (e.g. tyre sizes).

Current mileage

A GPS tracker in the vehicle determines the distances travelled. In this way, the current KM status can be calculated. You are always informed and you can better evaluate leasing contracts and, if necessary, arrange for the exchange of vehicles when the KM performance has been reached.

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