driver's license check by geocapture
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Driving licence control with GPS Tracking


Every company is obliged to check the driving licences of employees driving a company vehicle at least twice a year. If this does not happen, the company can be held liable if a colleague drives a company car without a driving licence.

geoCapture makes this control enormously easier for you! This is possible both mobile and at the wall terminal. 

This ensures that your employees are always in possession of a valid driving licence. In addition, your drivers and employees will save a lot of time, as the driver's license can be checked within seconds and at any time. This eliminates the high administrative costs of manual checks.

The RFID stickers are designed in such a way that they are destroyed when the driver's license is removed.

The highlight: You can also use this technology for mobile time tracking.

This allows you to kill several birds with one stone: GPS vehicle location, mobile time tracking and driver's license control.

Your advantages with driving licence control:

  • driver's license database
  • tamper-proof
  • Insurance cover is guaranteed
  • Significantly less administrative work
  • in the vehicle or at the terminal
  • simple operation
  • robust technology
  • recognized method
  • inspection records
  • no software installation

With geoCapture you reduce your administrative effort enormously!