Fahrzeuge der Müllabfuhr werden mit geoCapture per GPS geortet

GPS Tracking for garbage disposal

Tours always in view through geocapture

In the area of garbage collection, there are often the same tours that have to be driven. And the roads need to be driven in the previously planned order. The tight schedule must be adhered to and no road can be forgotten. This is where GPS tracking by geoCapture helps with performance recording and monitoring.

Complex planning and controlling

Planning the optimal routes for refuse collection vehicles is a very complex process. The route plans are extensive and if a substitute driver has to do it, this can quickly lead to problems.
If roads are omitted, residents and clients complain immediately.
It also happens that local residents claim that the vehicle has not driven on a road, although the opposite is the case. The proof is missing that everything ran properly.

GPS-tracking records

The planned routes of the garbage trucks are defined by so-called sample tours in the geoCapture system. Road trains, driving directions, target times and order of the roads are thus known to geoCapture.
GPS tracker in the vehicles determine the current vehicle position and transmit it in real time to the geoCapture servers. Thus it is always known where exactly the vehicle is on its tour. Delays are recognized immediately and also the used roads are logged.
If there are complaints from residents or customers, this data can still be retrieved weeks or months later.

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • Automatic recording of
    • roads
    • direction of travel
    • sequence
    • driving hours
  • EExact and fair billing 
  • Capacity recording
  • Route sequence on navigation device in the vehicle 
  • Optimum utilisation of the devices 
  • Effective disposition
  • Planning of maintenance dates 
  • GPS tracking in real time 
  • Remote download of speedometer and driver map 

Tour planning and controlling with the help of geoCapture - try it out!