Without up-to-date road maps, GPS tracking hardly makes sense. GeoCapture uses map data from the market leader Google Maps. This licensed map service allows us to implement our services so successfully.

How does geoCapture GPS tracking work?

GPS transmitters from geoCapture are installed in your vehicles. These transmitters determine the current location of the vehicles and transmit this via mobile radio to the geoCapture servers.

Advantages of GPS tracking

  • Up-to-date location information
  • Proof of performance vis-à-vis customers
  • Traceability
  • Theft protection
  • Simple dispatching
  • Less overtime
  • Basis for recalculation
  • Improve service quality
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Better organisation
  • Shorter response tim
  • Saves time and money

Functions of GPS tracking

With geoCapture’s  GPS tracking, you always know where your vehicles are. But these are not the only advantages that GPS tracking offers.

Mobile working time recording
Via a sensor in the vehicle, your employees can clock their working times with personal RFID chips. All times are transmitted directly to the head office. Time sheets are a thing of the past.

Working and standing times, driving distances or operating hours are automatically assigned to projects. This gives you detailed project documentation.

Driver recognition
Drivers log in via the personal RFID chips before they start their trip. With driver recognition, you always know who was driving the vehicle.

Tool tracking & load control
GPS tracking in combination with Beacons allow you to precisely locate your tools and machines. In addition, your vehicle checks the current load and can thus directly detect losses or forgotten equipment. It couldn't be simpler. 

geoCapture offers the ideal logbook. Whether it's the 1% rule or a logbook for the road traffic office - geoCapture has the right solution for everything.

With geoCapture you read out the tachograph via mobile network. A calendar controls the download. The data is archived in compliance with the law.

A full run-down of all the features you can use with geoCapture's GPS tracking can be found here.