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container tracking



BLE beacons are small radio transmitters (Ø 3.5 - 5.5 cm) whose signals are received by GPS transmitters, gateways or smartphones and transmitted to geoCapture. The BLE beacons are water, dirt and shock resistant and can therefore be attached to all kinds of objects. Further information about the BLE beacons and the different manufacturers can be found here. 

Locating containers

The durable and robust BLE beacons are perfect for locating containers for construction waste and refuse. 

All containers are equipped with beacons. The GPS tracker in the truck receives the signal from the beacon and thus registers which container the truck is loaded with. When the container is set down, the last location is automatically stored. Thus, it is always known where the containers are located and the standing times are also easily retrievable.

The following data is automatically logged:

  • Current container location
  • current vehicle load
  • Container service life
  • Container transport routes
  • Container transport times
  • deployed vehicles
  • deployed drivers


Beacon locations via GPS or What3words

The locations of BLE beacons can be queried via GPS as well as via the What3words position. Thanks to the innovative technology of What3words, locations of 3x3m can be defined by 3 words.

This is especially useful when specifying the location of containers or transport racks. If containers have to be found on large construction sites or in new development areas, there is often no sufficient address. 

The complete construction site logistics benefits from position information from What3words. Loading and unloading points can be specified with an accuracy of up to 3m.


Advantages of container location using BLE beacons:

  • anti-theft protection
  • Control of tool life
  • Robust technology 
  • Long life
  • Cost-effective
  • loading check
  • Precise locations thanks to GPS or What3Words

Here you will find further information on Beacon technology and assembly.

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