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With the help of GPS tracking, machine rental companies can operate much more effectively and profitably. Operating times and locations are recorded automatically. Practical: You receive previously defined shift time overruns and weekend use automatically by e-mail. This allows you to settle your accounts accurately and fairly at a later date. 

How long was the machine used?

Machine rental companies know the problem: A machine is rented and no one can exactly trace how long the machine has been used. Often the wear is much higher because the customer's specifications are inaccurate. When it comes to billing, this often leads to discussions and profitability suffers enormously.

If a customer does not pay his invoice, the lender's hands are often tied.

Also an effective disposition is hardly possible, because the exact locations of the devices are not known. The result is duplicated routes and low capacity utilization.

Exact tracking of machine running times thanks to GPS tracking

GPS tracker in the rental machines record movement data and transmit whether the device is currently in use. In this way the running performance of the machines is reliably recorded. The operating time and location are known and can be called up at any time. This is particularly important for possible additional calculations.

Reports on multi-shift and weekend use are sent reliably and punctually by e-mail with the automatic evaluation calendar, without you having to log on to the system.

With this data you then create a fair invoice for the customer - if desired with data transfer to your rental software.

If a customer does not pay his invoice, the device can be switched off remotely with a mouse click.

Unnecessary driving distances are avoided and the extent of utilization is optimized. 

  • Automatic logging of
    • operating times
    • places of action
    • travel times
    • service lives
  • Exact and fair billing
  • Automatic evaluations by mail (shift times overrun, weekend use)
  • Remote shutdown by mouse click
  • Optimum utilization of the devices
  • Alarm chains per rental transaction
  • Effective disposition
  • anti-theft protection
  • Planning of maintenance schedules
  • Data transfer to rental software
  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Numerous interfaces/APIs

You should pay attention to this

There are many telematics systems on the market. When choosing your system, you should make sure that you can also solve future requirements with it. Every machine rental company, for example, also uses trucks for transport. An effective route planning, driving time control and automated download of the tacho data should therefore be part of the functional scope of your solution - even if you do not want to use it immediately.

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