Anhängerortung durch Beacons



Thanks to the combination of GPS positioning and BLE beacon technology, such problems have an end.

BLE beacons are robust radio transmitters with a diameter of Ø 3.5 - 5.5 cm. They can be attached to machines, tools and objects of all kinds. The trailer is equipped with one of these BLE beacons. This sends signals to the environment at regular intervals. The GPS transmitter in the vehicle receives and transmits the beacon data to geoCapture. Location, loading, transports, driving distances, idle times etc. are logged without gaps.


Vehicle and driver identification

Thanks to the GPS tracker in the vehicle, geoCapture recognizes which trailer is coupled. This prevents mix-ups and allows you to track the routes in the portal.

Often the trailer is damaged and nobody knows who has done that.  geoCapture tells you with which vehicle the trailer was last used and who drove.  


Check loading of the trailer

If your equipment and tools are also equipped with the BLE beacons, the loading of the trailer can be checked for completeness and correctness. So you always know whether everything is on board. Nothing can be forgotten anymore.

Before starting the journey, the driver uses an app to check the load or the system automatically checks a load during the journey.

You can find out more about tool and device location here


Theft protection thanks to Crowd GPS 

The trailer can no longer be found or has been stolen? Report the loss in the geoCapture portal. Crowd-GPS helps you to find the location of your trailer. All GPS tracker and smartphones of geoCapture customers support the search. Only you know that the trailer is reported lost. As soon as one of the devices gets near the trailer, it receives its signal. You will then be immediately informed of the location.

Advantages of trailer location:

  • Robust technology
  • Long life
  • Cost-effective 
  • anti-theft protection
  • Vehicle and driver recognition
  • loading check
  • Crowd GPS 
  • Locations via GPS or What3Words
  • Detection of driving distances
  • Locations in real time

Should you have any further questions regarding the technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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