GPS tracking for your car
GPS tracking for cars

GPS-tracking for cars


Do you need real-time car tracking?
Then geoCapture is the right choice for you. Our GPS tracker is small, but nevertheless powerful
and allows you to locate your car in real time. The exact location of the vehicle is transmitted to
geoCapture via the mobile phone network.


Installing the GPS transmitter is very simple. Only three cables need to be connected to the vehicle. Among other things, the GPS transmitter is connected to the car's ignition and has two additional digital inputs that can be used, for example, for mobile time recording and driver identification via RFID or iButton. The tracker for cars is the most frequently used device of our GPS transmitters for vehicle tracking: No wonder, because it is small, robust, inexpensive and still very powerful.

If you have any further questions or are interested in our GPS systems, please feel free to send us an enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!


precise GPS tracking in real time
mobile time tracking in the vehicle for each employee
proven anti-theft protection
automatic logbook for the tax office
proofs to customers
considerable work facilitation for dispo, accounting and controlling
many evaluation options
better overview of locations and absence times
simple operation
robust technology
no contract terms


With frequent driver changes, it is not easy to keep track of who is currently driving which vehicle. With geoCapture car tracking, this problem is a thing of the past, because each driver has to register in the car via RFID or iButton before starting the journey.

Optionally, you can also activate an immobiliser, which prevents unauthorised driving. Thanks to GPS tracking for cars, you can always see which of your employees is driving the vehicle and where it is.

In addition, you can send messages to the driver via SMS about the next assignment. Each employee receives his or her own RFID or iButton key with a transponder number to ensure that only the authorised driver uses the car.

Mobile time tracking, driver's logbook and more

The GPS tracker for locating cars also make mobile time tracking possible. Your employees no longer have to fill out handwritten time sheets. Keeping these is on the one hand time-consuming and on the other inaccurate, so that mistakes can happen in payroll accounting.

Car tracking with geoCapture is the solution to the problem - benefit from the versatile possibilities of our GPS tracker! geoCapture determines the position, working and driving times as well as the associated projects and transmits them to your industry software.

But our system offers much more than just the recording of GPS data and mobile time tracking. In addition, GPS tracking for cars and trucks can also be used to monitor the tank, for example, so that you can keep fuel costs under control and reduce them if necessary. The system records the date, location, costs, fuel quantity and kilometres driven.

Driver recognition can even be used to check which employee filled up when, how much and how often. In addition, tank misuse can also be detected. In addition to locating cars, we also offer GPS tracker for locating trucks, construction machinery and people. On our website you can get detailed information about all GPS systems of geoCapture.

Take your time and get to know the numerous advantages of car tracking!

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