Ein Boot auf dem Wasser wird mit GPS-Sendern von geoCapture geortet

GPS Tracking for tourism

geoCapture as a basis for bus and travel companies

Travel companies  face complex logistical challenges. Behind every successful journey there is a sophisticated organisation. GPS tracking by geoCapture supports travel companies in the planning and smooth execution of tours.

Tourists do not forgive breakdowns

Even short bus trips require a well thought-out organization. Departure and arrival times have to be adhered to and necessary breaks for drivers and guests have to be taken. Delays in the process often cause complaints from the guests and can turn the entire journey into a nightmare.
Travel companies are therefore dependent on being constantly informed about the course of a trip. For example, bus drivers have to be replaced in order not to exceed the driving times. Reservations for restaurants or other destinations must also be adhered to and, if necessary, reorganised in the event of delays.
Tourism companies do not only have a very valuable freight, but also a very critical one. Safety must also always be paramount.

GPS tracking makes travelling more enjoyable

The current vehicle positions can be called up constantly via GPS tracker in the buses. In the event of delays, immediate action can be taken so that the journey does not become a disaster.
Optionally, navigation devices can be connected to the GPS tracker. In addition to the current vehicle position, the estimated time of arrival is also known. They exchange messages with the driver and send alternative destinations directly to the navigation device. The driver can concentrate on his actual task: The safety of his passengers.
geoCapture's GPS tracker work worldwide. So it doesn't matter whether they travel national or international.
Even during driver changes, unnecessary waiting times are avoided. No one waits in vain at rest stops for their service. If a bus is delayed, the replacement driver automatically receives a message.

Remote download of tachograph and driver card

The digital tachograph is also mandatory in coaches. With the help of Remote Tacho Download you can read out the speedometer and the driver card via the GPS tracker in the vehicle. The DDD files are automatically downloaded via the download calendar without user intervention. The Remote Tacho Download works worldwide.

Mobile time tracking

The driver can clock directly in the bus using the mobile working time tracking system. Working hours are transmitted immediately and can be called up immediately. The driver clocks via RFID or iButton key.

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • GPS tracking in real time 
  • Worldwide use 
  • Versatile alarm functions 
  • Connection of Garmin navigation devices (bus) 
  • Send destinations to navigation device 
  • Planned arrival time retrievable 
  • News
  • React and intervene faster 
  • Remote download of speedometer and driver card 
  • Mobile working time tracking
  • More security 

geoCapture supports you in logistic tasks, optimal for tourism and travel companies!