You can use the same RFID keys as for geoCapture's mobile time recording. So you have all important functions in one system. For the locking system, geoCapture relies on the versatile products from Datafox. With the access control you determine with different authorization levels which employee may open which door and when. 

Central administration - time recording and access control in one system

Thanks to RFID technology, you no longer need a complex key system; if a key is lost, the lock and keys do not have to be completely replaced, as is the case with conventional key systems. Only the lost RFID key is blocked and replaced. This saves a lot of time and money.

The same RFID keys are used for access control as for mobile time recording. So you have a central administration in one system and the employees only need one key for all functions.

Authorisation levels and access rules

Access control can be used to conveniently control authorization levels. With geoCapture, access rights are managed flexibly and clearly. If there are several doors, different authorisations can be assigned to determine who may open certain doors or building sections. The authorisations can be assigned per employee or department. Additional periods per day can be defined when the doors may be opened.

Logging of all accesses

All accesses are automatically logged and can be viewed in the portal. In this way, you receive complete access logs, including employee-related logs. You can see at any time which employees were on site. This is particularly important for protected areas and rooms such as server rooms or warehouses.

Alarms through GPS tracker

With the alarm function of geoCapture, the system can send you notifications when doors are opened. You can set what you want to receive alerts for. For example, alerts can be sent for each access and attempted access to certain doors (especially protected areas) or for unauthorised periods such as weekends or at night. This means that the person responsible or the security company is notified immediately by e-mail or text message. 

Also possible via mobile radio

The geoCapture access control can be used everywhere. Even buildings without IT infrastructure such as external warehouses can be equipped with an access control. The locking system is also available with GSM reception (mobile radio).

Your advantages of access control:

  • Central administration
  • RFID technology
  • variable authorization levels
  • One system for all functions
  • also possible via mobile radio
  • no more complex key system
  • flexible access rules
  • several doors possible
  • permitted periods
  • Logging of accesses
  • alerts

Access control and protocols from geoCapture - if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!