Die Tachographen einer Flotte LKW werden mit geoCapture automatisch ausgelesen

GPS tracking for freight forwarders

Current GPS Tracking worldwide in real time 

Freight forwarders in particular have to deal with  constantly increasing deadline and cost pressure. Not knowing where the truck is at the moment can lead to expensive wrong decisions in the disposition. GPS tracker from geoCapture transmit the position data of the truck fleet in real time and worldwide. This enables faster reaction and better scheduling.

Appointments, appointments, appointments …

Today, logistics processes are very closely interlinked. If you don't recognize delays early on, you'll quickly trigger a chain reaction in downstream processes. It is not only necessary to know the current location of the truck, but also the destination and estimated time of arrival.
In the case of encounter traffic, it is absolutely essential that both vehicles arrive at the meeting point on time. Delays here cost twice as much.
Digital tachographs and driver cards can’t forgive exceeding speed or something else going wrong. The driver collects the points in the traffic offender file, the responsible dispatcher or even the managing director, too. 

GPS tracking helps you scheduling

GPS tracker in the trucks transmit the vehicle position in real time. Thus, it is always known where the respective transport is at any given moment. Delays are detected automatically and the disposition is alerted. In this way, countermeasures can be taken in good time.

Optionally, Garmin truck navigation devices can be coupled with GPS tracker. The dispatcher can communicate directly with the driver. He sees where the truck is at the moment, where he wants to go and when he arrives there. Driving orders are conveniently sent directly to the navigation device in the truck. In addition, geoCapture offers the possibility of exchanging messages with the driver, so that data on the driving order is recorded directly on the driver's navigation device.

Success Story: GPS tracking at Euro-Express Logistics

The GPS tracking system from geoCapture is already used in many forwarding companies. Whether time tracking, scheduling or telematics - in logistics our customers benefit from the many functions of the software.
Read how Euro-Express Logistik uses geoCapture's telematics system.

Remote download of tachograph and driver card

With GPS tracking from geoCapture you can read the digital tachograph in the truck and the driver card directly in the vehicle without having to leave your desk. The download starts automatically, completely without user intervention. The data is archived in DDD file format and can also be imported into third-party software.

Your advantages with GPS tracking: 

  • GPS tracking in real time 
  • Worldwide availability 
  • Garmin connection 
  • Truck navigation 
  • Transmission of driving orders
  • Current destination and arrival time 
  • Message exchange with driver
  • Data acquisition for transport order
  • Data transfer 

geoCapture, optimal for forwarding companies - we are looking forward to your inquiry!