deployment planning
deployment planning

deployment planning with GPS-tracking

geocapture, the perfect Planning TOOL

With the deployment planning of geoCapture you optimize the utilization of man and machine. Sound planning ensures a smooth process. Improved operating times ensure lower costs. GeoCapture offers effective tools so that your projects and construction sites run optimally.

GeoCapture offers a simple web-based system for site planning

In just a few steps you assign personnel and machines to projects and immediately recognize free capacities. The system checks for absences such as vacation, illness of personnel or workshop appointments for vehicles or equipment.

Identifying capacities and making optimum use of them

GeoCapture informs you about all previous planning, absence times and free capacities by means of a tabular overview. This gives you a quick overview of free vehicles and employees as well as any bottlenecks and allows you to fully utilize your capacities. 

With our resource planning you can easily group vehicles, machines and personnel into columns. You can immediately identify free employees and machines and assign them to the respective projects with just one click. In this way you can plan entire columns for the respective projects. If a component, e.g. an employee or a machine, is missing due to vacation, illness or workshop appointments, the system warns you and a replacement can be scheduled.