GPS-Ortung und Zeiterfassung in der Straßenreinigung

GPS Tracking in street cleaning 

geocapture optimizes your planning and processes

The effective planning of street cleaning or winter services is a complex task. GeoCapture provides the tools to create and optimize road sweep plans at one mouse  GPS tracker in the vehicles monitor the sweeping performance and provide reliable proof for the client.

Keeping to the sweeping schedule

Street cleaning vehicles often drive the same route. Many different roads have to be swept in a certain order. If a street has been left out, there are often questions from the residents and often problems with the client. It is hardly possible for the driver to determine which streets he has cleaned in which direction and which still have to be cleaned.
A similar problem arises when cleaning manhole covers. How many manholes have been cleaned? In which street were these? What services do the employees provide? It is difficult to record all this for the client.
For short-term work orders (e.g. accidents), it is important to know where the next sweeper is at the moment. Often the positions of the vehicles are not exactly known and the wrong machine is sent to the place of use. This results in unnecessary costs.

Special sensors for sweeping brushes and gully cleaning

The vehicle position is transmitted to geoCapture in real time via GPS tracker in the street cleaning vehicles. In addition to the current position, the tracker also transmits whether, for example, the broom is currently switched on. For gully cleaning, appropriate sensors are installed in the vehicle, which the driver uses to document the cleaning process.
With geoCapture, you can always see where your vehicles are at the moment. At the same time, you can see whether the broom is currently active. This data is stored in the geoCapture portal and can be evaluated there.

Success Story: GPS tracking at ALBA Street Cleaning

The GPS tracking system from geoCapture is already used in many municipal companies. Street cleaning, winter road clearance or garbage collection - in these branches our customers profit from the many functions of the software.

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • Numerous evaluations and tour controlling 
    • Which roads have been cleaned? 
    • Road-related sweeping kilometres 
    • Statistical key performance indicators 
    • Driver-related evaluations 
    • Deviation from the sweeping plan 
    • Graphical preparation as road map 
  • Create sweeping plans online 
  • Send sweeping plans directly to the navigation device 
  • Proof of gully cleaning
  • Remote download of tachometer and driver map 

Optimize your planning with geoCapture - We are looking forward to your request!