Projekte mit GPS-Ortung einfacher verwalten



geoCapture offers project management as a central point when it comes to determining order-related data in geoCapture. Projects can be orders, construction sites, customers or other POIs (Point of Interest).

Each project is defined by an area on the map. This area can be either a perimeter or a polygon. All activities in this area are automatically assigned to the respective project.

Therefore geoCapture is able to automatically assign projects, working times, idle times, driving distances or operating hours to your projects by GPS-location. For example, you can display which employee or which vehicle worked on the project at which time.

With a single reports you receive all data directly. In it, operating hours of machines, vehicle downtimes and construction site-related employee working times are displayed. It couldn't be simpler. Of course, your projects are also displayed on the map.

geoCapture provides an overview of the deployment of your machines, vehicles and employees per construction site. You can see when the machines were on site and on which days they were used (dark green).

To keep an eye on personnel costs, you can see how many employees worked on the construction site per day.

From the view of  the site deployment  you can switch directly to deployments per vehicle, machine or employee.

geoCapture offers numerous interfaces to automatically import and synchronize project data from your order processing or project management. With the following programs, the projects are automatically imported into geoCapture via interface:

  • DATAflor Business
  • BPS software
  • TopKontor Time tracking

geoCapture supports the import of project data via e-mail for these programs. Simply send your order to geoCapture by e-mail and the project will be automatically created for you.

  • IN-Software
  • M-Soft
  • MOS'aik
  • Sage

Your software is not included? Feel free to contact us!

Projects at a glance:

  • automatic import of orders from your software
  • construction sites/customers/orders management
  • map area over perimeter or polygon per mouse click
  • user-defined fields
  • map display
  • project groups
  • project reports
  • automatic assignment via GPS
  • travel times
  • driving distances
  • operating hours
  • working hours
  • service lives
  • alert chains (e.g. for rental or for site managers)

Are you interested in our functions for projects? We will be happy to answer all your questions and look forward to your inquiry!