In many companies, factory transport is often the department with direct contact to customers and thus the company's calling card. A good and exact disposition increases the customer satisfaction and thus the customer loyalty. Route planning and GPS tracking by geoCapture optimize logistics, save a lot of money and ensure happy customers.

Delivery planning - a complex task

Good factory traffic is synonymous with good service and customer contact. Many companies don't want to lose this contact to their customers and therefore don't want to outsource their factory transport to freight forwarders. That's often exactly the right decision.

However, the company transport also has to face the competition and should not cause significantly higher costs. The disposition of the truck fleet is a complex task. Customer wishes must be taken into account, driving times can't be exceeded and the capacity utilization should also be optimal.

In many cases the customer wants an exact notification of the delivery. For long tours, however, an exact calculation of arrival times is a complex task.

The company's own employees for truck loading also need to know when the vehicle will arrive back at the company so that it can leave on time the next day.

Tour planning and GPS tracking

All tour data is transferred directly from your order processing into the tour planning of geoCapture. All deliveries are automatically distributed to delivery areas. The route optimization calculates the optimal order of delivery for each truck. Since unloading times and driving times are known, a precise route plan can be created. Each unloading can be notified to the customer to the minute.

This route plan is then sent directly to the navigation devices in the trucks. Thus complex inputs by the driver are void.

GPS tracker in the vehicles constantly transmit the current position of the truck and thus detect deviations from the route plan. The dispatcher can react much faster.

If desired, geoCapture can provide a web service which helps your order processing to retrieve the planned or actual tour data. This eliminates the classic call to the scheduler: Where is the driver and when will he arrive at the customer?

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • route planning
  • Interfaces to order processing
  • Distribution to delivery areas
  • Tour optimization (optimal route)
  • Exact tour plan
  • travel times
  • Driving distances (KM)
  • arrival time
  • unloading times
  • Exact notification to the customer
  • direct transfer to truck
  • Navigation target/actual control via GPS tracker
  • react faster to delays
  • considerable savings in transport costs
  • perfect customer service
  • Web-Service Schnittstelle

Optimize your route planning and logistics of your factory traffic with geoCapture!