Digital rental toilet
Digital rental toilet



On construction sites, festivals, or large events, mobile toilets are used in various locations. Providers face the challenge of efficiently organizing the delivery, pickup, and maintenance. Emergencies like clogged toilets must also be factored in. Fluctuating demands based on seasons and events further complicate planning. GeoCapture addresses these challenges with digital toilet management.

How does digital toilet management work?

Step 1

Each mobile toilet is equipped with an individual QR code on the inside. When a user notices that the toilet needs to be emptied or serviced, they can scan the QR code directly inside the rental toilet and transmit the information with a single click. Without the need for an app.


Mobile Toilet

Step 2

All customer inquiries are centrally recorded in geoCapture. This allows you to see all open inquiries at a glance and efficiently organize and schedule them. The current fill level of the rental toilet is also visible at all times. This is determined through sensors, customer feedback, or AI calculations.

Container Overview

Step 3

geoCapture calculates optimal routes for delivery, emptying, and maintenance of the rental toilets. This minimizes empty trips and maximizes vehicle utilization. Thanks to continuous monitoring of the fill level, unnecessary service interventions are avoided. In the case of short-term emergencies, ad-hoc orders can be flexibly added to the tour at any time.

Route Planning Container Management

Step 4

With geoCapture, you analyze fill levels, routes, and customer requests to continuously optimize your processes and, in turn, improve your service quality.

Data Analysis

Top 10 Benefits of Digital Toilet Management

Simple communication via
QR code without an app

Improved hygiene standards through
monitoring, easy communication, and rapid responses

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Scalability – geoCapture
adapts to your company size

Real-time fill level monitoring
through sensors, QR code, or AI calculations

Optimal routes for deliveries,
pick-ups, and maintenance

Precise location of the portable toilet using
What3Words when postal address is insufficient

100% Cloud - all information centralized in the cloud

Data analysis for process optimization

User-friendly and easy to use

Why a digital toilet management system pays off quickly

Efficiency improvement due to reduced administrative effort

Cost savings through efficient route planning

Optimized resource utilization through improved deployment planning

Improved hygiene thanks to real-time fill level monitoring and quick responses

Higher customer satisfaction due to clean toilets and easy communication


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