Digital animal carcass disposal
Digital animal carcass disposal



Disposing of animal carcasses is a demanding task. Deceased animals must be promptly disposed of, and all relevant data about the animal must be recorded. Spontaneous pickup requests need to be processed quickly and efficiently. GeoCapture enables you to efficiently capture and organize pickup orders while planning optimal routes.

Process of animal carcass disposal

Step 1

The customer submits a
pickup request via QR code scan.

Step 2

When submitting the order, the customer
specifies the size and number of animals.

Step 3

The order appears in the
digital order management.

Step 4

All orders are combined
into an efficient tour.

Step 5

The order appears in
real-time in the driver app.

Step 6

Rush orders can be transmitted
to the driver at any time.

6 Benefits of digital animal carcass management

Efficient organization
of pickup orders

Higher customer satisfaction
through easy communication via QR code

Relief of the telephone switchboard

Full flexibility: Efficiently schedule
short-term orders at any time

Optimal resource utilization: Efficiently
utilize vehicles, considering requirements

User-friendly application:
Easy and intuitive operation


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