Handwerker steht vor einem Haus. GPS-Ortung im Handwerk



Particularly in the craft sector, many employees are on site at the customer's premises. GPS tracking in vehicles not only helps with scheduling, but also provides evidence of the locations and times of operation. Helpful if customers complain or if time sheets are lost.

Overview is missing in everyday life

Every company in the trade has mobile colleagues working on customer's sites. But which colleague is currently on the road where? Who is fastest to send to the next customer? How long was the colleague on site? And what did the colleague actually do on the day when all the time sheets were lost?

Many questions to which most craftsmen do not have an exact answer. Exact logging of the mobile emergency services is missing and therefore the company loses money repeatedly.

Knowing what's going on thanks to GPS-locating

GPS tracker in the vehicles transmit the vehicle positions in real time to geoCapture servers. That way you always know where your colleagues are currently working. It is very easy to send the colleague with the shortest journey to the next assignment. Even rush orders and emergencies can be processed quickly. geoCapture also stores travelled distances, idle times and locations of vehicles. So even after years you can still reconstruct where the individual colleague was operating. In case of doubt, this protocol also provides proof to the customer.

With GPS-locating from geoCapture, you ensure that all services on site are billed seamlessly and fairly. The assignments of your employees are automatically assigned to your construction sites on the basis of GPS tracker.

Your customer service benefits enormously from the reliability. Be one step ahead of your competitors!

Mobile time tracking in the trade

Time sheets become superfluous with geoCapture. With mobile time tracking via GPS tracker, the employees clock-in directly in the vehicle. The GPS tracker transmits the clock-in data (address, employee, time of day, vehicle) via the mobile network to geoCapture. With the geoCapture App, employees can also clock-in on their smartphones. Mixed operation is possible without any problems.

Since geoCapture knows where your construction sites are, the correct construction site is assigned immediately. Thus, project-related clock-in is possible, as well as the recording of break times or automatic break and travel time deduction. You then receive the working times as a complete evaluation as a PDF or CSV file.

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • current position of vehicles
  • driving, break and operating times
  • mobile time tracking
  • construction-site related work via GPS
  • long-term logging of operations
  • proof to customers
  • help with reconstruction of time sheets
  • optimum dispatching due to shortest travel distances
  • faster response time
  • save fuel costs

geoCapture for the trade - we are looking forward to your request!