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The larger a fleet, the more important it is to be able to filter problematic  cases automatically. geoCapture offers numerous evaluations, which can also be generated automatically via evaluation calendar if required.

All evaluations are output as clear PDF files. In addition to classic lists, maps can also be optionally embedded in these evaluations.

Here are some examples:

  • vehicle reports
  • travel times
  • service life/locations
  • driving distances
  • velocities
  • events
  • journeys
  • service lives
  • time recording
  • ignition
  • green driving
  • running performances
  • mileage
  • operating hours
  • site related evaluations
  • kilometre distribution

Clear charts and diagrams

GPS tracker in the vehicles constantly collect data. Not only position data is collected, but also other measured values from the vehicles.

Given the wealth of data collected, it is important that it is presented clearly. geoCapture offers various charts or diagrams that help to draw the right conclusions from the data.

All values can be superimposed on each other and can therefore be viewed as a function of each other. The chart display makes it easy to zoom in on time periods so that even the shortest events are clearly visible.

Overview in the data jungle

GPS tracker collect a lot of data. It is hardly possible to manually check every vehicle for discrepancies on a daily basis. Therefore, versatile statistics and evaluations are fundemental when it comes to GPS tracking.

For example, in order to be able to determine whether one of the vehicles was illegally moved during the weekend, each vehicle would have to be checked individually. geoCapture facilitates this task. The evaluation calendar automatically triggers evaluations and you receive the result by e-mail as a PDF file. So you can see rapidly which of your vehicles have been moved and, in case of doubt, you can investigate more profoundly within the evalutation.

Furthermore, statistical data help you to evaluate mileage or operating hours on a project-related basis. This enables you to determine the most varied key data for your fleet at the touch of a button.

Logbooks with GPS-tracker

GPS-tracker in the vehicles continuously record locations, start of work, driving distances and idle times. This happens without you or your employee having to do anything about it. This way, you receive a complete log of the operations.

Unlike other providers, we do not delete your data! Historical data remains stored as long as you wish. The competition charges your considerably high for this service.

Practical experience has shown that logging is an important tool, especially in craft or service companies.

This protocol becomes important whenever discrepancies occur:

  • Customers doubt operating time listed on invoices
  • Work certificates are getting lost 
  • unjustified tickets
  • Proof for payroll accounting
  • Working hours
  • Expenses/Tributes
  • Driver remuneration
  • Control of circular runs (e.g. construction site logistics)

Improve your controlling thanks to individual evaluations of geoCapture!