GPS-Ortung Auswertungsmöglichkeiten
nursing service



GPS tracking for nursing services is becoming increasingly important: Our society is currently undergoing a major change and is aging. In the future, mobile care services will increasingly take over the care of the elderly. 

Not only good staff is important, but also cost-conscious resource planning. GPS positioning for nursing services helps you to reduce travel times between patients and thus to have more time for nursing. In order to be able to cope with the pressure of society, the economy and politics in the long term, an efficient working method is necessary. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the company complies with all guidelines and regulations without neglecting the actual task of caring for people in need. And that is what a successful care company is all about!

The balancing act between humanity and costs

Of course, the patient is the first priority, but the extensive and time-consuming care costs money. Unfortunately, it is the order of the day today that both legislators and health insurers are trying to save money all the time. The sufferers are not only the patients, but also the nursing staff and not least the nursing companies. Despite all humanity, a care company must also be effectively organised and work as cost-consciously as possible. GPS tracking can be a great help for nursing services. Because there are many things in the workflow that should be clearly structured. For example, the locations have to be planned so that the distances between the patients do not become too long and thus kilometres and time can be saved.

If relatives doubt the services of the nursing staff, then there is no effective proof of which staff member was with the patient for how long. It is not uncommon for trouble with the health insurance company to be inevitable or for the matter to be brought before a court of law. GPS tracking for your nursing service will also help you here, because with its help you can collect, process and archive all relevant data. If required, you are therefore optimally equipped.

Short distances thanks to GPS tracking

GPS tracker in the vehicles transmit their current location in real time. Driving and standing times are recorded and stored. This makes it possible to prove at any time which employee has been on duty with the patient for how long.

A further advantage of GPS tracking of the nursing service is that it is possible to react more quickly in emergencies, as the current tracking of the colleagues is always known. In this way you avoid unnecessary trips, because the colleague in the immediate vicinity can be sent directly to the patient and take care of the emergency after only a short time.

The mobile time tracking of geoCapture also collects the working times of employees who start their daily tour from home. Here, too, trips and costs can be saved, because a nurse does not have to leave his home to work to start recording the hours.

Your advantages with GPS tracking for nursing services

  • More effective disposition
  • Verification of operating times
  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Shorter response times
  • Better service
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Shorter distances

GPS tracking becomes increasingly important for care services - we look forward to your inquiry!