workshop appointments
workshop appointments



The larger the fleet, the more deadlines for maintenance, tyre changes or leasing must be planned and adhered to. Failure to meet deadlines can quickly result in major damage. GeoCapture monitors all fleet deadlines for you and thus improves the availability of your fleet.

The larger the fleet, the more appointments

Today every vehicle must meet various deadlines for maintenance, TÜV, tyre change, etc.. It's easy to lose the overview. When is the next inspection due? When does the leasing contract expire? Have the winter tyres already been fitted?

Often dates are missed, which can lead to loss of warranty or even to permanent damage to the vehicle. Due to a lack of an overview, vehicles are also registered in the workshop, even though they should actually be in use.

Poorly maintained vehicles are not only more likely to break down, they also consume more fuel.

It is very difficult to calculate the next maintenance date, especially for vehicles that are subject to heavy seasonal use.

GeoCapture calculates maintenance dates

GeoCapture contains a module for the administration and planning of workshop appointments. With the help of GPS tracker in the vehicles, the mileage of the vehicles is determined. For example, dates for upcoming oil changes are calculated in advance. Seasonal fluctuations are also taken into account.

GeoCapture notifies you by e-mail when a workshop appointment is due.

Work carried out on the vehicle is recorded in a maintenance log. GeoCapture also records the costs for the work carried out. This gives you a better overview of vehicle costs.

Your advantages: 

  • Management of maintenance schedules
  • Prediction of maintenance work (incl. seasonal fluctuations)
  • Keeping a maintenance log for each vehicle
  • Entry of external invoices (external workshops)
  • Evaluation of costs (own and external workshop)
  • Improved availability
  • Timely execution of maintenance work
  • Better disposition

It's so easy to optimise your fleet management!