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As a company, you need to ensure that none of your employees moves a car for which they do not have a driver's license. With GPS tracking from geoCapture, you also receive an immobiliser for your vehicle fleet. Using driver keys (RFID or iButton), the driver must identify himself in the vehicle before starting the journey, otherwise the engine cannot be started.

For this purpose the authorized employees are assigned to each vehicle in the geoCapture portal. Each employee receives his or her own transponder. The authorised transponder numbers are automatically compared with the vehicle via the mobile network and stored there in the GPS transmitter. This ensures that the system also functions if the mobile phone connection is interrupted.

Convenient vehicle authorisations

The authorization for a vehicle can also be controlled via driver's license control or location or department affiliation. In this way, you can ensure that a vehicle only starts if the driver has the necessary driving licence, is working at the right location and belongs to the authorised department.

Logging in using RFID chips in the vehicle

If the ignition key is operated in the vehicle, a signal tone sounds and the current to the starter is interrupted. Only when an authorised driver holds his transponder to the sensor in the vehicle does the signal stop and the startercan be operated.

This ensures that the vehicle is only driven by authorised drivers. At the same time, the system offers effective theft protection.

Since every driver must register in the vehicle, the performance data in the vehicle fleet can be evaluated on a personal basis.

Advantages of geoCapture

  • Voltage interruption of the starter motor
  • Driver authorizations per vehicle 
  • no more unauthorized driving
  • easy installation in the vehicle
  • Adjustment with driver's license data thanks
  • central, simple administration
  • Protection against operating errors
  • simple operation
  • robust technology
  • best anti-theft protection
  • automatic logbook
  • no software installation
  • also works in a radio hole

More safety for your fleet thanks to the immobiliser from geoCapture!