Digital Silos



Whether in the food industry, construction, or winter service: The storage of materials and bulk goods in silos is common practice. It is important to fill the silos at the optimal time and efficiently organize deliveries to ensure a smooth workflow. This is where geoCapture comes into play.

For which types of silos is the software suitable?

  • Feed silo
  • Spreader silo
  • High silo
  • Round silo
  • Grain silo
  • Rectangular silo
  • Building material silo
  • Flour silo
  • Sugar silo
  • Coffee silo
  • Cement silo

Functions of the software for silos

Real-time fill level

Stay informed about the current fill level of the silos
at all times. The software provides real-time data to
avoid shortages and plan replenishments in a timely manner.

Ordering via QR code

Forget about lengthy orders via email or phone.
Your customers can easily trigger a replenishment
using a QR code – without any app.

Optimized route planning

geoCapture helps you plan optimal
delivery routes for filling the silos. Minimize
empty trips and reduce costs as a result.

100% Cloud

Access your silo data from anywhere,
at any time. The software is entirely cloud-based.

Customer satisfaction

On-time deliveries and a consistent
supply of materials increase your
customers' satisfaction.

Scalable solution

No matter how many customers or
silos you manage, geoCapture adapts to your needs.
You can add more customers and silos at any time.


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