Auf einer Baustelle unterschreibt ein Mann auf einem Tablet ein digitales Bautagebuch
Digital forms

Digital forms system

No paperwork

Companies have a large number of forms for a wide variety of applications. Construction logs, operation reports, damage reports, departure checks and delivery bills are just a few examples. Put an end to paperwork and digitize your forms. With digital forms you write invoices faster, document better and have more time for your business.

Fill in forms via App

Your forms are conveniently filled out via app. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, Apple or Android device. A lot of data is collected automatically. Projects, weather, personnel and machine use are determined by the system. You always have your forms with you on the go. It couldn't be simpler and more flexible!

Form components

The geoCapture team puts your forms together entirely according to your ideas and requirements. With the simple modular system and a multitude of useful modules, the documents can be easily put together individually. You get the right form for every sector.   

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Photo uploading via App

GPS position
Where was it entered?

File attachments (PDF, photos, etc.)
Variable documents for the form

Automatically via GPS

Reuse form components

Layout elements
Tables, sections, graphics

Directly from time recording

Sign on mobile device

Selection lists
Quick input via combobox or radio button

Automatic weather data via GPS

Entry fields
Enter text and numbers easily

Machines/operating hours
Via GPS transmitter

Date/time field
Date, hours and time periods


Barcode scanner
Scan easily via App

Project and order-related forms

Forms are automatically assigned to a project or job via GPS.  A lot of data is already filled in by the system: Order data, addresses, weather, staff deployment, working hours, machine times or tool deployment. Of course, photos can also be taken.  

All data is stored centrally for the project or job and can be retrieved immediately - ideal for construction site reports, daily reports, performance records or construction diaries. 

Workflow digitalisation

Workflows become digital with geoCapture! With the forms, information flows are digitalised and accelerated. Forms are digitally routed to the responsible persons. Several people can work on one process at the same time.

Nothing gets lost and nothing remains unprocessed. No more double data entry.  Are you tired of constantly running after papers? Something is always missing? Put an end to paperwork. Go digital! 

Forms as PDF

Completed forms are clearly displayed or output as PDFs. This makes it easy to send, display or even print forms in the vehicle.  Components in the form (signatures, photos, weather, etc.) are formatted in a graphically appealing way. We use your logo so that your CI (Corperate Identity) is preserved.

Sample forms can be used immediately

Our sample templates for various areas can be easily and quickly adapted to your needs. Using the app is simple and intuitive. Your employees need little training. That way the system is very quick and easy to use.  

Here are some examples of use:

Site journal

With the site journal, all information relevant to the construction site is recorded: who worked for how long, what machines and materials were used, what work was carried out, what the weather was like and much more. With the digital site journal, your daily construction site routine is made much easier and you have more time for the important work. 

Sign delivery notes digitally

Delivery notes often get lost or are not signed. Billing often takes too long because papers are missing. With geoCapture, you digitise your delivery notes. Via App, the delivery note is signed by the customer on site and immediately forwarded to the billing department. The customer receives a copy of the signed delivery note by email. The invoice can already be written, even though the employee is still on the road.

Departure control for trucks

According to the specifications of the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV-V 70), a truck must be checked for defects before departure. Far too often this inspection is not carried out or is not recorded. If an accident then occurs, the dispatcher and the entrepreneur are also held accountable. With geoCapture, the departure check is carried out via app. The checks are documented and saved. Defects can be reported immediately to the dispatcher or workshop. This way, you meet the legal requirements, improve safety and defects are eliminated more quickly.

Damage report

If a machine or tool breaks down, it is important to repair or get a replacement quickly. With a damage report from geoCapture, you reduce equipment downtime and minimise the resulting delays. Thanks to the geoCapture App, the appropriate form is right at hand and can be filled out on site. The completed form is automatically forwarded to the workshop, where spare parts can be procured or and the repair organised.

Digital supplement management

Every building contractor knows that supplements can determine the success or failure of a construction site. If supplements are not properly documented and reported in time, the company loses a lot of money. With geoCapture, you document supplements directly on site via app. Using the digital workflow, these can be immediately displayed to the client or invoiced.


Operational documentation

On construction sites or other orders, the use of personnel and machines is precisely documented. With the geoCapture forms, your employees document the assignments directly on site. Subsequently completed forms have the disadvantage that important information is lost and assignments are inaccurately reproduced. geoCapture improves the quality of your assignments and digitises the flow of information.

Work reports

With forms, your employees create work reports directly on site. Operating times are determined automatically. Photos can be integrated and the customer can sign directly on the terminal. The invoice can be written even before your employee returns to the company.

API interface for the form data

The APIs help to use the captured form data in your own applications. The form APIs allow flexible searching of captured forms, access to the form data and output of the form as a PDF. 

Contact your software provider and ask for an interface to geoCapture. We will be happy to help you realise your project.

Advantages of digital forms

  • less paper
  • can be used immediately (sample forms)
  • flexible and quickly compiled (modular system)
  • easy to adapt
  • simple operation/low training effort
  • fewer incorrect entries
  • fill in directly on site
  • automatic determination of data
    • personnel
    • machines
    • vehicles
    • weather
    • project via GPS
  • perfect readability/documentation
  • retrievable everywhere
  • printable in the vehicle
  • signature on tablet/phone
  • digital processing/workflow
  • enormous time savings
  • meets legal requirements
  • improved information flow
  • project-related storage
  • digital archive (PDF)
  • open interfaces/APIs to third-party systems

Digitise your forms now! We look forward to your request!