Interfaces to geoCapture
Dataflor - perfect synergy

DATAflor Interface


Over 5,000 landscaping companies rely on DATAflor software. With interfaces tailored specifically for DATAflor, a perfect synergy has been created between both systems, providing maximum convenience for the customer.

DATAflor is a leading manufacturer of software for garden and landscape construction. geoCapture and DATAflor collect essential data for vehicle and equipment management and control.

DATAflor is integrated with the geoCapture system through modern interfaces. Location data is directly displayed in DATAflor Business. DATAflor users don't have to switch between systems to take advantage of GPS tracking benefits. For users, this translates to maximum convenience.

Benefits of the DATAflor Interface

Position data directly in DATAflor
daily machine hours
variable distribution of logistics costs
automatic allocation via GPS
beacon data
minimal administrative effort
accurate working hours
ccurate machine hours
all the advantages of vehicle tracking


Through state-of-the-art interfaces, DATAflor is connected to the geoCapture system. All GPS location data is transferred directly to DATAflor Business and displayed. This allows you to access and process all the data in just one system. DATAflor users do not need to switch between two programs and can automatically enjoy all the benefits of GPS tracking. There's no greater convenience!


GPS transmitters in construction machinery determine the exact usage times. The resulting machine costs are directly assigned to the respective construction project thanks to the GPS position, making all machine costs available in DATAflor (XML interface). This minimizes your administrative effort to a minimum.

Record deployments seamlessly

Maintaining green areas is part of the daily work for landscape gardeners. In addition, they offer services such as street cleaning and winter maintenance to their customers. The GPS transmitters in the vehicles record all deployments seamlessly. After completing the work, these deployment logs can be used as proof for the client. geoCapture also provides interfaces for clients.


With geoCapture, you have the ability to easily and conveniently record your employees' working hours. Whether it's directly in the vehicle, via smartphone, or at a stationary terminal, you can capture working hours. Personalized employee keys are used to allocate working hours to your employees. When an employee clocks in at the job site in the vehicle, the working hours are automatically assigned to the corresponding project via GPS. The wage hours are then directly transmitted to DATAflor and used for the post-calculation of construction projects.


You can now easily save the forms and construction reports created in geoCapture in the DATAFLOR construction file with the push of a button. The interface allows for direct storage of the forms in the construction file. This eliminates the need for manual data exchange. All the forms for individual construction projects are centrally stored and digitally accessible at any time.


With the interface between geoCapture and DATAflor, the position data from Beacons are displayed directly on a map in DATAflor. This allows you to take advantage of all the tracking features in DATAflor without having to switch back and forth between the two programs. DATAflor also provides a device master data feature that links all vehicles and Beacons created in geoCapture. As a result, you can view them on the map.

Additionally, Bill of Quantities (LV) positions are transferred to geoCapture via DATAflor's API. LV positions are simply created in DATAflor and can be transferred and created in geoCapture with a single click. This eliminates the need for double data entry. geoCapture sends the recorded working hours (XML file) and the machine operating hours equipped with a GPS transmitter to DATAflor.


Easily import your orders from DATAflor into geoCapture and create an optimal route plan there. Regular maintenance orders are set up in the geoCapture route planning as recurring orders to ensure that no order is forgotten. The regular green maintenance orders are seamlessly integrated into an existing route. With the deadline monitoring for open maintenance orders, you always keep an overview.

Functions of the DATAflor Interface

Integration through modern APIs
Machine hours per construction project
Distribution of logistics costs (human, material, machinery)
Labor hours per construction project
Remote download of digital tachograph
Data exchange via API
Logging travel routes
Current vehicle position
Beacon in map representation