Auf einem Tablet unterschreibt ein Mann ein digitales Bautagebuch
Digital supplements



Supplements can determine the success or failure of a construction site. If supplements are not properly documented and displayed, the company loses a lot of money. With geoCapture, you can record supplements directly on site via app and ensure that everything is accounted for.

Supplements decide on success

During the construction phase, there are often works and services that can be invoiced separately to the client. These supplements must be registered with the client in good time and invoiced later. If this does not happen, a company loses a lot of money very quickly.  

With geoCapture, supplements are recorded and documented directly on site. Nothing is forgotten and everything is completely accounted for. 

Enter supplements immediately via App

You can digitally record supplements directly on site with the app. Via GPS tracking, the recorded data is directly assigned to the correct construction site. No more paperwork. All data is stored directly in the cloud and is immediately available everywhere. Nothing gets lost anymore, everything is clearly stored.

Ready-to-use templates - ready to go

We have prepared ready-made templates for you to enter the supplements with the app. This way, you can immediately start recording the supplements on the construction site via the app. Of course, you can easily adapt our templates to your specific requirements. This can be done quickly and easily via the form management.

Workflow for digital processing

To ensure that supplements can be processed, registered and invoiced as quickly as possible, there is a digital workflow. With it, the documents are digitally routed through the company. Nothing gets lost, nothing remains unprocessed. Clean and legibly documented supplements are the basis for successful and complete invoicing.

Advantages of digital supplements

  • Simple recording on site via app
  • Photo documentation
  • less paper
  • seamless documentation
  • perfect legibility
  • project-related storage via GPS
  • simple logging of supplements
  • faster invoicing
  • meets legal requirements
  • processes are accelerated
  • better information flow
  • Digital archive (PDF)
  • Apple and Android

Would you like to digitise your supplements in the future? Would you like to improve your workflows and never waste money again? Then please contact us! We look forward to your enquiry!