Orangene Kehrmaschine im Einsatz auf einem Parkplatz
tour controlling



Detailed planning is essential in everyday work. Improve your planning of street cleaning and winter maintenance operations. The tour controlling of geoCapture ensures a better organisation and creates an exact billing basis for your company.

Work digitally

Digitisation is driving us forward. Tablets in the vehicle in combination with GPS tracker make tour controlling an effective tool for your company. The so-called kiosk mode, in which the tablet works, additionally protects the system against manipulation. Updates are managed centrally and thus promote reliable and trouble-free work.

Always current plans

Thanks to tour controlling, the plans of your employees are always up to date. With the tablet in the vehicle, they can be called up at any time and from anywhere. The time of paper plans is over. The plan is simply displayed in the App on the tablet. The tour can then be selected based on the driver's current GPS position. The display of the plan via google Maps ensures easy orientation.  It is also no longer necessary to exchange plans. Due to the easy handling the driver saves a lot of time and no road will be missed.

Flexible, simple, clear

With tour controlling you improve the organisation of your assignments in the long term. Due to easy handling it becomes easier to integrate replacement vehicles and new employees into the daily work routine. The system is firmly linked to the vehicle. This means that the quality remains constant even when drivers change.

No missed road anymore

Always keep an overview and save miles in the process? It's very easy now. With the integrated road list, you always know which roads have already been cleaned and which have not. Red check marks mark the roads that still have to be cleaned. This also helps to avoid annoying double journeys and saves kilometres of sweeping. Fully cleaned roads improve the quality and ensure fewer complaints from residents.

Making full use of the workload

To record the exact workload of your employees has been difficult and incomprehensible until now. With tour controlling, you receive an exact evaluation that serves as the basis for exact accounting. In addition, activity reports can now be created and evaluated according to the tender.

Drains simply recorded

A further feature in tour controlling is that cleaned drains can be stored in the system by the driver. This provides a precise list of the cleaned drains. In addition, the type of drain can be determined. Was the drain wet? Was it infested by rats? Or did the drain have any damage? All these characteristics can be stored easily and quickly in the drain recording.

Advantages of tour controlling

  • always up-to-date plans
  • no more paper plans
  • no more exchange of plans necessary
  • faster operational capability
  • improved organisation
  • easier orientation
  • easy deployment of replacement vehicles
  • easy deployment of new drivers
  • operable by everyone
  • Consistent quality during driver changes
  • improved quality/fewer complaints
  • fewer return kilometres
  • no missed road
  • fewer journeys due to perfect quality
  • exact billing basis
  • Service recording and proof
  • saves time and money
  • low investment costs
  • low operational costs
  • fewer kilometres, lower costs

The advantages are obvious. The flexible handling makes tour controlling an irreplaceable tool for your company. Your plans are always up-to-date and can be accessed from anywhere. Thanks to the clear and simple display, the system can be operated by anyone. All deployments are logged without interruption and serve as an exact basis for invoicing. Loss of quality excluded!