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Damage documentation

Digital damage documentation


If a machine fails at short notice due to damage, it can take a long time until it is operational again. Damage is often reported too late or not at all. This results in long downtimes and increases the risk of accidents. Digital damage documentation from geoCapture ensures that any damage to machines or tools is neatly documented and repairs can be initiated as quickly as possible. 

Machine damage - time and money wasters on every construction site

Defective tools or machines cause enormous follow-up costs and increase the risk of accidents. It is therefore all the more important that in the event of damage the machine is repaired or a replacement is obtained quickly. Every delay costs cash.

geoCapture reduces equipment downtime with its digital damage reports. This minimises delays on the construction site and increases safety. The damage is documented on site and automatically forwarded to the workshop. Here, spare parts can be procured or the repair arranged as quickly as possible. Save yourself unnecessary waiting times and delays on the construction site with digital damage reports.

Machine hours via GPS tracking

Wear is often the cause of damage to tools and machines. Via GPS you always have an overview of the machine hours of your equipment. Maintenance dates are calculated in advance and thus workshop appointments can be better planned. Better maintenance and faster repairs improve the availability of the machine park, increase productivity and sustainably reduce costs. 

Accelerated information flow

Once a damage report has been completed, it is immediately sent digitally to the workshop for further processing. Here, the employees can directly organise the repair or arrange for a replacement - even if their colleagues are still on the construction site. No damage remains unprocessed here. Minimise unnecessary machine downtime and always have your construction site under control in terms of time. 

The advantages of digital damage documentation are obvious:

  • Simple recording on site via App
  • Immediate forwarding to the workshop
  • Machines are repaired faster
  • Higher availability of machines
  • Photo documentation
  • Less paper
  • Complete documentation
  • Perfect legibility
  • Processes are accelerated
  • Delays are minimised
  • Improved information flow
  • Digital archive (PDF)
  • Proof for warranties
  •  Apple and Android

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