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Detailed evidence thanks to digital deployment reports

Operational reports are prepared daily to document progress or special incidents. They serve as proof and as security for both parties - contractor and client. Unfortunately, operation reports are too often forgotten or not kept at all because it is inconvenient for the employees. Handwritten notes are too often lost or illegible.   With the form for assignment reports you solve the problem. Operational reports are always filled out carefully and nothing remains undocumented. This is unique because geoCapture uses all the information from time recording and GPS tracking in the mission report. If you wish, we can customise the forms specifically to your needs. 

Staff times automatically from time recording

geoCapture determines the deployed construction site personnel directly from the mobile time recording. Employees, operating times, breaks or vehicles are automatically recorded. It couldn't be simpler. 

Machine hours via GPS tracking

Machine times are also recorded in the operation reports. With the help of geoCapture's GPS tracking, the operating hours of the machines are automatically recorded and directly transferred to the operation report. With one click you have all times in the operation report! 

Workflow for digital processing

Once a deployment report is completed, it is digitally forwarded to the administration and processed there. Through a predefined digital workflow, the report is electronically routed through the approval process in the company. This means that nothing is lost and the paper war has come to an end. In addition, nothing is left unprocessed and work processes are accelerated enormously. 

Your benefits with geoCapture digital mission reports:

  • Simple recording on site via App
  • Automatic data transfer
    • Time recording (personnel)
    • GPS tracking (machines)
  • Weather
  • Photo documentation
  • Less paper
  • Complete documentation
  • Perfect legibility
  • Meets legal requirements
  • Processes are accelerated
  • Project-related storage via GPS tracking
  • Improved information flow
  • Digital archive (PDF)
  • Proof of warranties
  • Proof of addenda
  • Apple and Android

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