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Delivery notes



Delivery notes filled out by hand often get lost or are not signed. If there are papers or no signature, the billing process is enormously protracted. geoCapture digitises your delivery notes!

Never again without a signature

Everyone knows the problem with paper delivery notes. They get lost quickly, are often not even signed and involve manual filing. Digital delivery notes put an end to paperwork. Delivery notes can be signed and forwarded on site. An invoice can be written directly at the company location, even though the employee is still on site. This saves a lot of time and speeds up internal processes enormously!

Automatic project assignment via GPS

Delivery notes are automatically assigned to a project or order via GPS. A lot of data is thus filled in automatically. Staff deployment and order data are thus directly assigned to the project and can be retrieved immediately.

Operating times directly from the time recording

geoCapture determines the deployed personnel directly from the mobile time recording. Employees, operating times and break times are determined automatically. The working time serves as the basis for service accounting. This saves tedious entries and thus a lot of time.

Workflow for digital processing and faster billing

Once a delivery note has been completely filled out and signed via App, it can be forwarded directly to the billing department. The invoice can be written without long detours and in a short time. Even if the employee is still at the order location. This saves companies long administrative routes and they can be sure that services rendered will be invoiced. No delivery note remains unprocessed.  

The advantages of digital delivery notes are obvious:

  • Simple recording on site via App
  • Automatic data transfer
    • Time recording (personnel)
    • GPS tracking (machines)
  • Photo documentation
  • Less paper
  • Complete documentation
  • Perfect legibility
  • Digital signature
  • Nothing is left lying around
  • Faster invoicing
  • Processes are accelerated
  • Project-related storage via GPS
  • Improved information flow
  • Digital archive (PDF)
  • Proof for warranties
  • Apple and Android

Have we sparked your interest in digital delivery notes? Would you like to improve your work processes and ensure shorter working distances? Then please feel free to contact us! We look forward to receiving your enquiry!