Time tracking for many uses
Digital time tracking

Record Working Times Digitally

Time tracking in the cloud

With geoCapture's mobile GPS time tracking, the recording of working hours becomes a self-runner: Often, companies with mobile employees or on construction sites record working hours via timesheets. This is time-consuming and inaccurate. With geoCapture, your time recording becomes digital and thus easier, faster and more accurate.

Online time tracking

Handwritten timesheets are laborious, inaccurate and no longer up-to-date. With geoCapture's digital time tracking, you get real-time working times for your construction sites and projects in real time.

You can use the absence calendar to book vacation, sickness and bad weather and always keep an overview.

The system automatically calculates expenses and bonuses for you. All data is automatically transferred to payroll accounting. This saves an enormous amount of time in monthly payroll accounting.


geoCapture offers the right solution for every working time recording requirement. All options of geoCapture time recording can be combined with each other. This makes time recording maximally flexible and adapts to your needs.

On the road via app

Smartphone Icon


With the geoCapture app, your employees stamp their working hours quickly and easily via smartphone.  The app recognises the employee and only asks for as much information as is absolutely necessary. This makes clocking in with our app extremely easy, fast and flexible.


Directly in the vehicle

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Mobile employees simply and conveniently clock in and out in the vehicle via a time recording module. All the employee has to do is hold his or her stamp chip against the module and can drive directly to the construction site or the customer.


In the office at the terminal

Icon Wandterminal


Your employees stamp the working time with an RFID chip on the wall terminal in the office or in the workshop. To do this, simply select the respective type of stamp "coming" or "going" and hold the chip in front of the module.


Automatic via GPS

Icon GPS


Automatic stamping via GPS enables a particularly simple form of time recording. Here, the GPS transmitter installed in the vehicle serves as the basis for time recording. The system recognises the location and the standing time of the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle enters or leaves a construction site, a time stamp is generated in the system.  In this way, the working hours are simultaneously assigned directly to a project. 




Via digital form

Icon Formular


The digital forms of geoCapture also serve as a basis for time stamping. The employee conveniently enters the hours worked, breaks or travel times on a tablet or smartphone. A time stamp is generated in the system from the information in the form.


Per truck tachograph

LKW Icon


With geoCapture, you can use driving, loading and rest times to record working hours. Without any effort at all. The tachograph is operated by the driver as usual. GeoCapture automatically stamps the working and break times in the background.


Overview of time recording options

device type   application
wall terminal    office, workshop
GPS transmitter in car   construction site, assembly, service
app on the tablet, smartphone, PC   office, construction site, assembly, service, home office
truck   truck

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Manual transfer of data to the tax consultant, payroll office or cost accounting is time-consuming and prone to errors. With geoCapture, data transfer is completely digital. Direct transfer of working hours and allowances is easy with the numerous interfaces to payroll programs such as DATEV, Lohn-AG, Sage, GDI or Addison. With our interfaces to BPS, DATAflor or BRZ, you receive machine hours or vehicle kilometers for post-calculation. In this way, you can also use the advantages of geoCapture time tracking in your construction software.

For the programmer, geoCapture offers numerous APIs to access the data via web service.

Cremers Galabau - Mobile working hours EASILY RECEIVED

Thanks to geoCapture, time tracking at Cremers GmbH is considerably simplified and more cost-effective. Industry-specific features of wage calculation in gardening and landscaping are already stored in geoCapture. The problem-free data import from geoCapture to DATAflor ensures particularly efficient work in payroll accounting and post-calculation of the customer order.

"We searched for a long time until we found the right solution. A solution that requires little effort for the employees outside but also in the office, is reliable and at the same time uncomplicated." - Ralf Cremers, founder of Cremers Grüngestaltung und Landschaftsbau GmbH

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In geoCapture, a time model is created for the daily target working time. This can be different for industrial employees, trainees, commercial employees, temporary workers or cleaning staff. In addition, rounding of working time or breaks can be defined. Flexible rules for driving times and set-up times are also stored in the time model.

At the end of the day, you can see via the actual times who has completed their working time or which employee has worked more or less. Especially in the construction industry, there are seasonal differences in working hours. In geoCapture you can store different working times for summer and winter.

Each activity, such as working, driving or setting up, is assigned a wage type that is transferred to the payroll programme. You create the same wage types as in the payroll programme. Thanks to the interfaces to the various payroll programmes such as DATEV, geoCapture simplifies your payroll accounting enormously. Manual entries or calculations for allowances are a thing of the past.


With individually stored trip rules, geoCapture can be adapted to your needs. The driving time is automatically determined via the vehicle and displayed in the working hours.

By storing your own trip rules, you can determine whether trips are paid for or deducted from working time. You can track the driving times for each of your projects and invoice them accordingly.

By linking vehicle and employee, geoCapture automatically recognises driving times, work locations and overnight stays. This is how wage types are determined, which are transferred via the interfaces to the various wage programmes such as DATEV.


Checking and posting expenses and allowances is a lot of work for your payroll department. With geoCapture you save yourself this work. You store posting rules for all types of expenses or allowances paid in your company. At the touch of a button, all conditions are checked and automatically posted.

By linking vehicle and employee, geoCapture automatically determines driving times, work locations and overnight stays.

As a rule, allowances are regulated in the company agreement, collective agreement or employment contract and do not have to be applied for by the employee. In the case of exceptions, your employees submit the applications for allowances completely digitally via the geoCapture app. Approval also takes place digitally.

time models - THE RULEBOOK OF TIME Tracking

Time models contain numerous settings for target working times. Daily or weekly working times can be set. The deduction of breaks is also defined. Rounding rules can be used to ensure that the rules for the start and end of work are adhered to by the employees.

In geoCapture's time recording, different time models can be used, e.g. for seasonally different working times by date. Once time models and schedules have been defined, the change between summer and winter working hours works completely automatically.

The driving time recognition and accounting of drivers and co-drivers is also controlled via the time models of the time recording. When the employee punches in a vehicle, the built-in GPS transmitter determines the driving time and distance to and from the construction site.

Time and Vacation accounts

Time recording reliably calculates the remaining leave for all employees. The leave entitlement is recorded in the personnel master. The employee can view his or her holiday account via the app.

In Construction Pay, the monthly holiday entitlement is often booked instead of the annual holiday. Likewise, there is SOKA-Bau, which must be accounted for. Both special features are supported by geoCapture's time recording.

The current stock of overtime per employee is kept on the time accounts. The overtime is determined on the basis of the regular working hours and the hours worked and posted to the hours account via the month-end closing. Rules can be defined for each employee on how overtime is to be handled.


Break rules can be stored for each working time model. You can define the duration, the exact time of the break or the minimum working time until the break. The employee only has to clock in and out in the vehicle, at the wall terminal or via app. Break times do not have to be recorded by the employees.

Your employees can continue to clock in and out independently in the vehicle, at the wall terminal or via app. If breaks are taken at different times, stamping the break makes more sense. This way, the break times are calculated to the minute.

Manage absences digitally

The absence calendar of the time recording replaces the classic holiday planner on the wall. All days of absence such as holidays, illness, bad weather, etc. are simply marked and entered. The central storage of the data enables the calendar to be called up in any web browser. This way, every user always sees the current version.

Public holidays are automatically determined, school holidays can be displayed, special company dates or holiday blocks can also be planned. Via calendar sharing, the holiday planner can be displayed directly in Outlook or on the smartphone. This way you are always in the picture about who is currently on holiday. Company anniversaries and birthdays can also be displayed in the appointment calendar.

Vacation request via app

The app for time recording offers the employee the possibility to make a wide variety of requests:

  • Holiday
  • Reduction of hours
  • Expenses/allowances (freely definable
  • Forgotten clocking in

Open requests and later also approved requests are displayed directly in the absence calendar, so that the requests of colleagues are also taken into account during processing.

Once a request has been processed, the employee receives a message by e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp.

If the employee submits a request for leave, the current account balance is already displayed when the request is submitted. The system checks whether there is enough leave for the request. Future leave entitlements, open applications or approved applications are also taken into account. The system also deals with requests for reduction of hours


Summer is a busy time in the construction industry. During this time, employees can accumulate overtime on their working time account in order to use it during the winter period. By accumulating overtime, it is usually possible to bridge a longer period of work absence due to weather conditions. Seasonal short-time allowance is only paid out when all the hours from the working time account have been used up.

You can easily store bad weather periods in the practical absenteeism calendar. These can be entered for individual employees or directly for a department. You can also flexibly enter the period and duration of the bad weather. If your employees are still working on the construction site in the morning and have to take a break at noon because of rain, you can enter half a day or a certain number of hours of bad weather in the absenteeism calendar.

Data privacy at geocApture

Our servers are located in a secure data centre at one of the largest providers in Germany. This means your data is stored under the strict regulations of the DSGVO. Constant data backups and mirroring of data at different locations ensure further security. Of course, all data is transmitted in encrypted form. Your passwords and access data are also encrypted in the databases.

For the layman, the GDPR seems like an opaque tangle of regulations and paragraphs. Don't let this put you off. We provide you with numerous free forms. This way you are legally on the right side when it comes to data protection.

  • Employee declaration
  • Info sheet
  • Works agreement
  • DSFA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)

After signing the contract, you will automatically receive our contract for order data storage. Again, all you have to do is sign it - and you're done.

100% CLOUD IN TIME Tracking

If you use geoCapture in your company, all your data is stored directly at geoCapture. No software needs to be installed on your end devices, such as smartphone, tablet or computer.

No time recording data is stored on your PC or smartphone. Your data is stored securely on geoCapture's servers. You do not need your own server and have no effort for installations, updates or backups. You have access to your data from anywhere and can also work in the system with any number of users at the same time. Because geoCapture time recording runs 100% in the cloud, you can clock in and out anywhere in the world without any problems.

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