Logistik und GPS-Ortung in der Landwirtschaft - oft unterschätzt

Logistics in agriculture - often underestimated

Today's GPS systems from different manufacturers in agriculture are difficult to combine. As a rule, the systems do not transmit the machine position in real time. The data must be transferred to central software systems via USB stick in a cumbersome and time-delayed manner. Each manufacturer operates its own system.

Logistical processes are also difficult to plan or track. Contractors and farmers today also have to keep the distances to and from arable land as short as possible to avoid unnecessary costs.

Above all, contractors also have to keep logistics costs under control. Modern contractors not only work in the field, they also use a large number of vehicles to transport crops, seeds, slurry and other materials. Here it is important not to lose track.

Another problem: agricultural machinery has long been the target of thieving gangs. In some areas of Germany, insurance companies refuse to take out theft insurance because of the high risk involved.

GPS provides visibility and protects against thieves

GPS tracker in the agricultural machines transmit the current position of the machine to the geoCapture servers in real time. In doing so, aggregate states such as ignition, diesel level, compressors etc. can also be transmitted.

This facilitates scheduling, and the stored position data can be used to perfectly track circuits, transport routes and operating times.

Various evaluations enable an exact distribution of the mileage over the various surfaces.

Interfaces to existing agricultural programs (e.g. EuroSoft) allow the comfortable import of area data.

Times-of-use for machine ring/machine pool

Machinery rings or communities of owners are very common in agriculture. Neighbouring farmers join together to form a machine community and use the expensive agricultural machinery together.

In order to distribute the costs fairly, it is necessary to know which farmer has used a machine for how long. This can hardly be achieved by handwritten lists and there are always discussions about the times of use.

With geoCapture's driver recognition you can solve this problem in no time at all. Before starting a journey, the driver logs on to the vehicle with an RFID key. The operating hours can then be evaluated by driver, date and location, and a fair distribution key can be determined.

Your advantages with GPS tracking: