pump monitoring
pump monitoring



On many construction sites, pumps are used to lower the groundwater level. These pumps are often in use for months and work around the clock to prevent the excavation from sinking. GeoCapture offers the perfect solution for monitoring these pumps. In the event of faults, the system sends an SMS or e-mail to those responsible.

Essential functions for rental companies 

Especially in the rental industry, pumps often change construction sites and tenants. Then the alarm levels must be adjusted to suit the customer's requirements. GeoCapture offers simple functions to organize the alarming also in the rental business simply. 

Furthermore, geoCapture provides the rental company with important information on location and operating hours. This allows rental customers to benefit from the advantages of GPS tracking and machine monitoring. 

Sophisticated alerting

In case of malfunctions or theft you will receive an SMS or e-mail. Optionally, you can use alarm chains. If the first alarm stage (recipient) does not respond, the next recipient receives the message. This ensures that no message is lost and that the pit remains dry.

The GPS tracking of the pump allows you to use project-dependent alert levels. So each foreman receives only the messages from HIS construction sites.

Pump monitoring with GPS tracker

The FMA204 GPS tracker continuously monitors various pump readings. Numerous components can be monitored to detect malfunctions at an early stage:

  • Motor operating status
  • operating temperature
  • Battery charge
  • ignition
  • alternator
  • excavation pit float
  • GPS tracking/theft
  • tank capacity
  • maintenance dates

Logging of operating hours

Operating hours are logged automatically and project-related by geoCapture. This way you not only know the operating hours of the pump, but also how much time has been spent on a construction site.

Monitoring maintenance schedules

Machines and pumps must be serviced regularly. If this does not happen, there is a risk of engine damage or expensive breakdowns on the construction site. GeoCapture monitors all maintenance schedules and ensures that all machines work perfectly.

Success Story: geoCapture at the Pump Specialist Walter Clausen 

The GPS tracking system from geoCapture is already used in many companies in civil engineering and hydraulic engineering. Whether time tracking, scheduling or alarms - in this industry our customers benefit from the many functions of the software.

Practical test: GPS monitoring of BBA pumps

The pump monitoring by GPS tracking was successfully tested in field tests with water pumps of the manufacturer BBA. The GPS pump monitoring was developed in close cooperation with the civil engineering company Helming from Wietmarschen.

"Ever since we equipped our BBA pumps with GPS monitoring from geoCapture, I have been able to see if all the pumps are working. I sleep much calmer now".

Jürgen Helming (Technical manager at Helming Tiefbau)


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