Tankvorgänge mit geoCapture verwalten
reduce fuel costs



Companies have to spend a lot of money on fuel. These costs increase by careless driving or unauthorized use. GPS tracking by geoCapture helps you to keep track and to reduce your fleet costs considerably.

Gasoline costs continue to rise

There are many causes that lead to unnecessary fuel costs for a company. Often the wrong way of driving causes high consumption and wear of the vehicles.

In addition, wrong driving style endangers road safety.

Due to suboptimal disposition, driving or strolling, the vehicles cover more kilometres than necessary.

Another problem of many companies is the unauthorized use of vehicles. It is tempting to use company vehicles or even construction machines for private projects. 

Save fuel with geoCapture

With geoCapture's GPS positioning you have a clear overview of your vehicle fleet. You can display routes you have driven and compare them with each other to determine deviations. Detours can be detected automatically.

At the same time, geoCapture's route optimization enables you to plan your tours optimally from the outset. The order of the locations (incl. loading and break times) is automatically calculated. So that there is no stress and the driver can adapt his driving style.

With GPS positioning, you can see where your vehicles are in real time. You know immediately if a vehicle is unexpectedly moved. In addition, you can activate an alarm via SMS or E-mail for protection.

In addition, long-term logging of your refuelling operations is possible. Thus you have all fueling processes and consumption firmly under control and lower your fuel costs considerably.

Your advantages:

  • Save up to 30% fuel
  • Shorter distances through route optimization
  • Optimal resource planning
  • Gentle driving
  • Determine and retrieve consumption data at any time
  • Avoid strolling or taking a ride
  • Avoid unauthorised journeys
  • alarm function
  • Versatile evaluations

Reduce your fuel costs with geoCapture - we are looking forward to your inquiry!