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Tool locating



No matter whether you are a craftsman, fire brigade or police - in many areas vehicles must be fully equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment. Disastrous, if something is missing and only noticed during use. geoCapture solves this problem!


BLE beacons in combination with GPS vehicle tracking 

With the help of BLE beacons, equipment in the vehicle can be detected and checked for completeness.

BLE beacons are small, robust radio tracker that send signals to the environment at regular intervals with individual device recognition. GPS tracker in vehicles receive and transmit the beacon data to geoCapture. Location, loading, transports and much more are logged seamlessly. The check can be carried out on a smartphone or PC. Cost-effective and simple.

Losses are detected before it is too late in an operation. With BLE beacons you can always be sure that everything is on board. Less equipment is lost on the way, losses are detected immediately. This saves a lot of time and money.

Protection against theft and loss thanks to crowd GPS

Who doesn't know the problem? Devices disappear or are stolen and the company suffers high damages. 

The geoCapture Crowd-GPS function helps you to locate lost/stolen tools and devices.

With the help of the swarm intelligence of Crowd-GPS, devices can be found which are out of reach of your own vehicles. Report a tool as lost in the geoCapture portal and all vehicles, gateways and smartphones of all geoCapture customers will help you with the search. Only you know that the tool is reported lost. As soon as it gets into the vicinity of one of the Bluetooth receivers, you will be informed immediately about the location.  

Find out more about Crowd GPS.

geoCapture supports beacons from numerous manufacturers

Some tool manufacturers also equip their equipment with BLE beacons and their own systems. But if you use devices and tools from different manufacturers, the different systems are not compatible. Therefore, we have developed our software in such a way that the data of different manufacturers can be displayed and evaluated in only one system.

One system for all manufacturers - unique on the market!

These manufacturers can be used with geoCapture:

Bosch (TrackMyTools), HILTI (OnTrack), Milwaukee (Tick), STIHL (Stihl connect), Husqvarna (Fleet Service).

Other tool manufacturers will also be using BLE beacons in the future. We have therefore developed our software in such a way that we can add further manufacturers to it at any time.

Advantages of tool location:

  • anti-theft protection
  • location
  • usage protocols
  • loading check
  • Warehouse/magazine stocks
  • Determine operating hours
  • Crowd GPS
  • Robust technology
  • long life
  • inexpensive
  • Numerous manufacturers - one software package


If you have any further questions about this technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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