Sicherheit erhöhen mit GPS-Ortung
increase security



Every company cares about the safety of its employees. Accidents damage the well-being of the workforce. GPS tracking increases safety in the company and helps to prevent accidents. GPS tracking helps to improve road safety.

Traffic accidents often have serious consequences

Road traffic accidents continue to be one of the main causes of accidents in companies. Time pressure, poorly maintained vehicles or speeding are often the cause of serious accidents on the road. Employees are often injured and absent for months on end. Incapacity to work is not uncommon. Material damage can also lead to very high costs in companies. Even if the insurance company initially bears the damage, the premium for the insurance cover inevitably rises in the subsequent period.

Accidents endanger the ability to deliver and can cause entire projects to fail.

GPS positioning provides more security

GPS transmitters in company vehicles transmit data on the driving style of the vehicle. Data on speed, acceleration, braking behaviour and cornering are transmitted by the GPS transmitter and stored in geoCapture. The driver can be warned by an acoustic signal in case of wrong driving style. This allows the driver to adapt his driving style. A cautious driving style not only protects the material, but also ensures greater safety.

Even poorly maintained vehicles are a frequent cause of accidents. GeoCapture helps to plan maintenance schedules and ensures that no workshop appointment is missed. Well-maintained vehicles offer more safety and thus protection for employees.

Advantages for your safety 

  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Checking the driving style
    • speed
    • brakes
    • acceleration
    • cornering
  • Monitoring and planning of workshop appointments
  • More effective disposition
  • Increased productivity

Increase safety, avoid traffic accidents - find out more now!